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    Another great Acid Rain World release

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    1:18 scale Mech by Joy Toy - amazing

    I'm glad you found the review useful. Joytoy just keep getting better and better!
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    1:18 scale Mech by Joy Toy - amazing

    I'm glad you enjoyed it
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    1:18 scale Mech by Joy Toy - amazing

    They are doing a great job, and its great we don't have to wait long for their releases
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    1:18 scale Mech by Joy Toy - amazing

    Here it is - Amazing aesthetics, great figure, good features, and good articulation too. Another win for Joy Toy and a great addition to their Hardcore Coldplay series. Timestamps in the video description.
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    Joy Toy City Police - a great army (police?) builder set

    A great set worth getting
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    Joy Toy C.I.A. Bounty Hunter

    Another awesome Joy Toy release - C.I.A. Bounty hunter
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    Joy Toy Marine Corps - amazing

    The waist issue seems to be a lot better, but there is an issue with the toe articulation - one of the feet is not properly cast so you will need to file / cut it so the foot can bend properly.
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    Joy Toy Marine Corps - amazing

    One of Joy Toy's finest, an awesome figure.
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    Joy Toy S.W.A.T figure

    Joy Toy SWAT review
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    War Of Order wave 2

    The awesome wave 2 in the War Of Order toy line from Devil Toys. An awesome match for G.I. Joe
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    Awesome dio set for 1:18 / 1:12

    Absolutely perfect for your 1:18 & 1:12 scale figures.
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    Acid Rain Field Flakbike FB7f

    Acid Rain Flakbike review - Amazing!
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    Acid Rain World AMM Prospector 1:18 scale - WOW

    It's taken me a while to get around to reviewing it but here it is - the AMM Prospector. One word - WOW. This video is a bit longer then the others as I do articulation comparisons with other toy lines, but it is well worth the watch.
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    Joy Toy 1:18 figures breakdown and other brand compatability

    More info on the JoyToy 1:18 figures including interchangeability with acid rain and boss fight studios and a parts breakdown. Great if you like to customize your figures.
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    Joy Toy 1:18 Cybernetic soldiers (Dark source)

    Finally uploaded - Joy Toy Cyborg Soldiers....damn cool
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    Acid Rain World K6 Jungle chapel HETT 600k - WOW

    I cannot recommend the chapel enough, such a brilliantly thought out and made toy.
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    Awesome 1:18 transforming Mech / speeder

    My review of the acid rain world Amphista speeder mk1. Another stunning piece by Kit Lau and Ori-toy. This review is a little longer than usual.
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    1:18 stealth mech review

    Review time - 1:18 scale fully articulated Stealth Mech - Ghost Laurel from Acid Rain World by Ori Toy.
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    Awesome 1:18 flame trooper action figure, ideal for G.I Joe

    My review of the 1:18 scale Omanga Military Flame Trooper by Ori Toy An awesome figure.