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    Romanian ace Hurricane

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    Russian Hurricane

    Lend lease represents
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    Jagdpanzer IV

    Latest project that will be available as a full kit to people.
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    1/18 Hawker Hurricane

    Have produced a 1/18 hawker Hurricane that I am selling. If anyone is interested in one please let me know. Thanks https%3A//[/IMG]'] https%3A//[/IMG]']...
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    1988 Black Warthog

    Looking for information on a black warthog made in 1988. Have not been able to figure out if it was a night force vehicle or something else. [/IMG] Thanks
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    WTB Star Wars AT-TE legs

    Looking for some of the legs off a Star Wars AT-TE. Let me know please if you have some wanting to sell or trade. Thanks
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    GI Joe collection forsale

    Was just wondering if the site has a specific area for selling collections? I looked around and did not see one so not sure if it was allowed, or where to post it at. I have a very large collection of GI Joe figures and vehicles dating back to when the first came out in the early 80's...
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    Marder 3

    Latest project that just finished lately and sold. [/IMG] [/IMG] [/IMG]
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    Maus In progress 1/18

    Sorry double post.
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    German 3.7mm anti tank gun 1/18th

    Another of my recent builds, wanted more artillery so built some.
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    Custom SdKfz 7 Afrika Korps

    Do custom work, latest vehicle is a SdKfz 7 Afrika Korps in 1/18th. Other projects on my photo bucket also, I am a amateur builder.