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  1. Obi-Shinobi

    Conceptual Imperial Snowtrooper

    Based (loosely) on early Joe Johnston concept art. Hope you guys like it... Originally, I wanted to add an Imperial helmet to a Stormtrooper helmet (or just the faceplate) but couldn't find anything that looked right, unless heavily modified or sculpted. So I decided on the At-DP driver head...
  2. Obi-Shinobi

    Target Han Trooper

    Confirmed from Rebelscum... $3.89 on clearance. I picked up 4 yesterday, for $16.50. Get 'em while they last.
  3. Obi-Shinobi

    Rogue One Stormtrooper

    Anyone have these yet? Overall, pretty good figure. Some minor bitching though... No holster It's been discussed before in various forums. I would love to have it, but not a deal breaker. Kinda... but not really. Legs A bit wonky, imo. Hip joint/swivel is ok, but still doesn't work as good...
  4. Obi-Shinobi

    BSG Cylon Help ???

    Does anyone have, or know of a place where I could get a 1/6 Cylon rifle? A good cast of one would work too. I've looked everywhere I can think of - no luck.
  5. Obi-Shinobi

    Obi's 2014 Custom Con Pix

    First up - Mojo's custom figure. Made this at the Con, "on the fly", so to speak. I received several "I hate you" comments. :D
  6. Obi-Shinobi

    Justice League/Villians Set

    Just posted this on ebay, in case anyone here is interested. French Quick premiums from several years ago... 034 Quick 034 Justice League Set | eBay
  7. Obi-Shinobi

    MW3 Armored Juggernaut

    In "Survival Mode", these guys are called "armored" juggernauts because they wear even more armor than the "regular" juggernauts. Think of it like a "phase 2" if you will. Still a WIP of course, but he's getting there - UPDATE : 9/4/14 Mostly done... check out the size difference compared...
  8. Obi-Shinobi

    Task Force Delta

    So this might just be the next figure to be made, after Daremo and I get the SOAR fig going... Hope you like! Updated "Delta 4" helmet
  9. Obi-Shinobi

    "Operation Bird-Dog" Mission Results

    As the Blackhawk hovered over the drop-zone, 10 operatives embarked on their mission. 1st on the ground was "Dogarc"... ... who bumped his helmetless head and became disorientated. Not having NVGs, he wandered into the darkness to end up lost and never seen again. Status: MIA, presumed...
  10. Obi-Shinobi

    160th SOAR Night Stalker - Finished!

    Hope you guys like it, and with a little luck... this guy will be the next F118th figure. :D New NVGs -
  11. Obi-Shinobi

    2014 East Coast Custom Con

    Official Dates are: Oct. 9th - 12th (9th will be evening set-up) Same place as last year - Radisson Hotel 1150 Camp Hill Byp Camp Hill, PA 17011 All event Pass $30 Day Pass $15 Any 118th member attending the Con and donates a minimum of $100 to the event, will receive a...
  12. Obi-Shinobi

    Obi's Customs For Sale

    $50 each. PM with any questions, etc. Center figure only -
  13. Obi-Shinobi

    Custom Contest: "Operation Bird-Dog"

    Incoming intel... "As of 1700hrs today, a highly secretive Spec-Ops team hitching a ride on a cargo plane loaded with medical aid and food, was shot down over hostile territory. The cargo plane crashed in a heavily wooded area, just outside a local militia contolled region. Latest...
  14. Obi-Shinobi

    S.O.A.R. / Helo Gunner

    UPDATE - 99% finished. Just need to switch to the upgraded NVGs... And a little shot with the BlackHawk...
  15. Obi-Shinobi

    More Modern Warfare Stuffs

    Latest guy...
  16. Obi-Shinobi

    Obi's Acid Rain World Contest Entry #2

    "With the growing need for Stronghold support on the battlefield, the Agurts Corporation developed the "Heavy Grenadier". Armored battle-suits made from fallen Strongholds, they are the epitome of repurposing scarce materials. Armed with anti-material rocket launchers and box-fed LMG carbines...
  17. Obi-Shinobi

    Obi's Commission Work

    I'll bite the bullet, so to speak... I'm offering custom work for those interested. Part swaps, mods, paint, sculpting. Prices will vary depending, but cheaper if you supply the parts. Prices will be based on work required. Any questions? Update/Edit: also selling some of my...
  18. Obi-Shinobi

    Obi's Acid Rain World Contest Entry #1

    "Stationed on the perimeter walls surrounding the agricultural Agurts, the 33rd division is responsible for maintaining security and defending against enemy seige attempts. Members of the 33rd have also been known to "insure" corporate loyalties among the people, having earned the nick-name of...
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  20. Obi-Shinobi

    The BATMAN

    WIP... Finished...