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  1. MMorelock66

    Mass Effect: Andromeda

    I wasn't expecting it to be as vast as it is. It's actually impressive. I never played the 1st, but I caught myself up on the story. The 2nd one was good, but the 3rd is truly a marvel. I rank it in my top 5 easily.
  2. MMorelock66

    Mass Effect: Andromeda

    Seems like the general public is finally hopping off Biowares balls nowadays. Oh well, Witcher 3 has been making me want to go achievement hunting...
  3. MMorelock66

    Ghost Recon: Wildlands

    They do, but Trump is trying to outlaw it.
  4. MMorelock66

    Ghost Recon: Wildlands

    No worries! "Its Mattsquatch"
  5. MMorelock66

    Ghost Recon: Wildlands

    How is it that I've had NSA and WVMojo on my friends list for a couple years now, and we've yet to play anything.
  6. MMorelock66


    Some of my recent builds. I've been lucky enough to have a small time commission deal with some different guys over on Facebook. Most of this stuff is the dreaded 1:12 scale, so consider yourself warned!
  7. MMorelock66

    The Last of Us

    So, is TLOU actually as great as everyone says? I own an Xbox, but I've heard nothing but people jerking off about this game. I'm considering eventually getting a PS4 (the back catalog of PS1-3 games has my attention) but I'd like to eventually try these games out.
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    Pretty simple recipe. Just felt I needed to take a go at the pretty boy.
  9. MMorelock66

    custom work

    Some recently finished custom work. Most of these were commission pieces...
  10. MMorelock66

    Display's and stuff.

    No I'm not dead. Been dealing with college and being an adult in general. But anyways, I've been working as a commission artist to make some extra $. Here's some of my recent work! URL=][/URL]
  11. MMorelock66

    Official Halo Thread

    It's a step in the right direction. Ran it this morning, was able to connect much faster to H2A games. Not so much anything else
  12. MMorelock66

    Official Halo Thread

    Apparently they'll be releasing a server update soon. I've been able to play a few games this morning
  13. MMorelock66

    Revomini Solid Snake REVIEW

    Morelock here, bringing a hands on review of the recently released Revomini Solid Snake. I ordered mine through Hobbylink Japan for around $32 (with EMS) shipping. Took close to 5 days to get here, so it's not too much of a wait. First and foremost. Be wary of getting this figure, if you have...
  14. MMorelock66

    Open for Business!

    Been busy as hell recently. Work, real life, all that jazz. But I'm posting here to let you all know that I'm currently open for Diorama work! My prices aren't set in stone, so I'm always open to discussing and settling on a price. Here's some of my recent work! Please message me if you are...
  15. MMorelock66

    Official E3 2014 Thread!

    Mortal kombat!
  16. MMorelock66

    Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare

    Referring to MGS. Yep
  17. MMorelock66

    Morelock's Dio Commissions

    Hey guys, just trying to generate some interest here. Got stuff on the bench, but I'm trying to generate a list of people who would be interested. I generally make walls for photos, but I'm also interested in making displays if anybody would be interested.
  18. MMorelock66

    pre made Diorama displays ?

    Yessir! Been meaning to make a post about my work.
  19. MMorelock66

    pre made Diorama displays ?

    ....or this guy
  20. MMorelock66

    Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare

    Who cares about Snoop Dogg? You can also download R. Lee Ermey if I remember correctly