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    Animal Warriors of the Kingdom Kickstarter, Round II

    ANIMAL WARRIORS OF THE KINGDOMâ„¢ Series One: will consist of Ape, Canine, and Feline warriors, including the series' main protagonist the albino ape Pale and his vile nemesis Baron Kah Lee. Each figure features 17 points of articulation as well as removable armor and weapon accessories. THE...
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    Grail Obtained: Kiwami Tamashii Denliner playset

    I got my first real paycheck from my new job and splurged on an item I've been wanting since learning of it a few years back but couldn't fit into my budget at its original $240 release price. But I saw it for $99 recently on Amazon and had to bite. Now I'm getting giddy awaiting its arrival...
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    Kickstarter: Unrustable Bastards 'PowerMaster TFs' Hot damn, I've been waiting for this one a decent while now, and the $100 ($110 with shipping) Early Bird premium is too attractive, so I'm in.
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    EAGLE Force Kickstarter

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    Universe Asunder: Assassin through Time

    Following their being cursed by Athena for Medusa's 'transgression', the Gorgon sisters grew to hate and despise one another, furthering their collective tragedy. Each of them increased their magical powers and gathered armies of a variety of natures. As the eldest, Stheno's mystic power was...
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    Legends of the West Kickstarter

    I dunno when the KS campaign starts up, but we've got control art for them: Thanks to Troy Osgood for the pics!
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    New Marauder reveals at JoeCon '16!

    SWEET! Thanks to Troy Osgood for the pics!
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    Universe Asunder: the Akkursed of Svartalfheim

    The dimensional borders between the Nine Worlds of Norse myth are thin and bleed into one another in many places, and the physical laws often twist perversely. At the boundary between Svartalfheim and Muspelheim, Svartalves (Dark Elves in the original Aesir) become victim to the physics of the...
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    Universe Asunder: Darkness without Ending...

    Behold, the Darkness Primordial. The Unending Darkness. The Void between all the Stars. In the pocket universe of Olympus and its tangential worlds, Chaos was primeval and interminable. In time without measuring Erebus came into being and was the First One. The Silence and Cold Black...
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    Universe Asunder: Mokoro the Freebooter

    Mokoro the Freebooter. Once the second eldest son of Chief Bakunji of the Wakandagan tribe, Mokoro was orphaned and enslaved when his city was overrun. His parents and elder brother were killed and he, his two younger brothers, and all five of his sisters were taken far away to desert lands...
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    Universe Asunder: Son of the Gorgon

    Impregnated by Poseidon and Cursed by Athena for her 'transgression' to forever turn men that gaze upon her into stone, Medusa fled to a cave far from Athens to lament her fate. After seven agonizing months, she birthed a large clutch of leathery eggs all alone and was transformed to resemble...
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    Universe Asunder: the Harlequin of Crime

    GCPD Alert to all Gotham and Tri-State citizens: be on the look-out for one or more women, aged 15-30, calling herself the 'Harlequin of Crime'. This or these individuals are wanted for questioning in the deaths of four individuals, twenty-seven assaults, and numerous robberies and burglary...
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    Universe Asunder: ...and I will strike down upon thee...

    Regent of the Sun, Archangel of the Divine Presence, Presider over Gehenna, Archangel of salvation, Destroyer of the hosts of Sennacherib. He stands at the Gate of Eden with a fiery sword, the Archangel who watches over thunder and terror. He led Abraham to the West, and He checked the doors...
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    Universe Asunder: the Power Lord

    Lt Adam Power was Operations Chief assigned to the Federation starship USS Ascendant in 2833 when he was dispatched to the surface of an unexplored world in the Barlowe trinary system. Upon finding a relic in ruins of what appeared to be a religious complex similar to Stonehenge back on Earth...
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    Universe Asunder: the Chimaera of Lycia

    Daughter of the Titans Typhon and Echidna, Chimaera was a great beast with attributes of several lesser animals. Mostly a lioness, she had the horns and hindquarters of a goat while her tail was a fire-breathing snake. Crazed by her power, she wandered all the lands of the Aegean Sea but favored...
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    Universe Asunder: Feltenwespe

    Oberstleutnant Rickart Fuchs was an admired unit leader in the GSG-9 Advanced Tactical Services division of the German State Police until he was discovered in flagrante delicto having an affair with his supervisor's wife, while in uniform on base. Fired in disgrace and blacklisted due to his...
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    Universe Asunder: the Binary Shi'ar Powerhouse

    The composite being known as Warstar is a defense unit from the planet Colu, located nearby to the Shi'ar Empire's Capital planet, some 50 light years closer to the galactic center. B'nee, the smaller unit, and C'cil, the larger unit; have a shared operating consciousness that is in constant...
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    Universe Asunder: the Immortal of Darius

    Javad, an 'Immortal' Hashashim in service to the great Persian Shahanshah (literally 'king of kings', or Emperor) Darius I, found himself beset upon at a battle in Darius' conquest of Greece. He was wounded and knocked unconscious by a Spartan hoplite and rolled down a ravine where he was...
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    Cool Robots line whose name I don't know

    Found out about these on FB and like them a lot. They look to be a riff on the Pose Skeleton line that I now have less reason to need to sample. TAG Hobby » EPOCH 2016?3?? 300Yen?? ???!??!! Series ???? ?Body ? Racing Car ?4?
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    Universe Asunder: Palpatine Ascendant

    The soul of the being history records as 'Palpatine' is eons older than generally known, and his true name may be lost to even himself. As an Altairan Ancient, Palpatine was a member of the first sentient species in the universe, and was a zealous warrior in the Wars of Transcendance as a...