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    Kevin Feige Will Now Report Directly to the Mouse I don't know whether this will be good or bad.
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    Every Superhero Movie Ever Made, Ranked

    Every Superhero Movie Ever Made, Ranked | Playboy
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    Luke Cage

    Rumored Synopsis For Marvel's LUKE CAGE Series Reveals The Main Villain And Love Interest
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    Justice Mortal: The Movie That Never Was

    Warner Bros. damn near beat Marvel to the punch with having it's heroes in the same universe with this project, that I'm sure that you guys have heard of. The First Ever Look At George Miller's Scrapped Justice League Movie Why the project didn't see the light of day was because of Chris...
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    Why G.I. JOE Movies Failed

    In recent years, ya boy Fred has been vindicated (as much as one can be vindicated on a fan forum message board,) in certain respects concerning the comic book film genre. I said that there should be a JLA movie, others said that a JLA movie would never happen. We're getting a JLA movie. I...
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    How Marvel Became the Envy (and Scourge) of Hollywood

    How Marvel Became the Envy (and Scourge) of Hollywood - Hollywood Reporter
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    Could a JOE Film Be Set in the 80's?

    I must be bored to even ask this, because I kinda like have a feeling what the common consensus on what Fighting 1:18th's answer would be for this topic. For me, it's analogous to the plight of my belvoled Oakland A's concerning their ballpark, I don't care what they do, just get it done...
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    Customs Questions

    1) Is there a customs equivalent to the San Diego Comic Con and what is it? 2) Is there a customs equivalent to the Oscars? 3) If they do have customizing awards, have you ever won? 3) Who is regarded as the best customizer? Or does it depends on the genre he specializes in? 4) Is it...
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    How Come Protestants Don't Think Catholics Are Christians?

    The other day I was at the school I got my A.A. degree from and I was talking to the SGA president. Potna was telling me he got accepted to Seton Hall and he has to take some religion classes and he was asking if they were mandatory. I was like, "Yeah they are mandatory. After all it is a...
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    Who Should Be the JOEs Breakout Character?

    One of the good things about The Rock picking Roadblock is that some secondary JOEs got some shine in the movies. If it were up to me and I were going a JOE franchise these are some of the JOEs I would focus on. Chuckles-I would have Chuckles be the JOE equivalent to Bond/Jason Bourne. He...
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    G. I. JOE Casting Thread

    I was watching that dope ass Power Rangers short, with James Van der Beek (Dawson) in it as I was watching the film, something came to me. This dude could play Hawk or Duke, (especially Duke,). He's 38 now and if and when they do a a JOE reboot, he wouldn't be too old. Dude does have the...
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    The Masters of the Universe (He-Man) Movie Thread Battle Cat The article just gives a summary of who Battle Cat is, which studios had the project, who was suppose to write the script, and how Jon Chu was suppose to direct the project, but then bounced to...
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    Holy Shit Batman! Catwoman is Now Lickin' the "Cat,"

    Catwoman comes out as bisexual - The comic industry stay promoting this foul ass shit. One of the things they should have did when they instituted the new 52 was cured homosexuality. I wonder how long it is before these faggots and dykes appear in the movies. Since Marvel and DC are...
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    Every Avenger Member, Ranked

    Every Member Of The Avengers, Ranked I'm calling bullshit on this list. The Wasp #3, Spidey#9, the Hulk #20? Really, bruh?
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    How 6 Marvel Superheroes Came to Be Owned by Other Studios

    Nick Cannata-Bowman February 07, 2015 How 6 Marvel Superheroes Came to Be Owned by Other Studios With all the superhero movies coming out nowadays, there’s a lot of money to be made. The Avengers alone made $1.5 billion worldwide according to IMDb, while franchises like Spider-Man have made...
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    7 Actors Who Should Play Green Lantern

    7 Actors Who Should Play Green Lantern By David Opie on January 28th, 2015 The words ‘Green Lantern‘ can strike fear into the hearts of those who sat through the travesty that starred Ryan Reynolds just a few short years ago (seriously, check out the video above to see everything wrong...
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    What Named COBRA's are Actually in COBRA

    I always "tripped", off the fact that a lot of the best COBRA operatives were actually "freelancers", so I was thinking out of the named COBRAS, which ones are actually apart of the organization. Here's the ones I came up with off the top of my head: 1) C.C. 2) Barnoness 3) Storm Shadow...
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    10 Flaws From The Otherwise Perfect Batman The Animated Series

    10 Flaws From The Otherwise Perfect Batman The Animated Series Batman the Animated Series one of the finest pieces of animation ever created as well as one of the greatest works of Television ever made. It created characters like Harley Quinn and Renee Montoya, defined Batman to many young...
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    Iconic Hip Hop Covers Using Comic Book Characters

    Assuming that a lot of y'all don't listen to rap, I'm going to included the inspired cover art so that you'll have the proper frame of reference.
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    Meet Mia Khalifa, The Lebanese Porn Star Who Sparked A National Controversy BY TAYLOR WOFFORD 1/6/15 By most metrics, 21-year-old Mia Khalifa (not her real name) is doing pretty well for herself. She's educated, has a job that pays well and is successful in her...