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  1. YautjaClanLeader

    Anyone have the 1:18 Scale Joy Toy Figures?

    I've had my eyes on these guys...
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    This is probably a long shot, but...

    I'm so happy with my work on my custom Commando Fi, that I want to bring all of Omega Squad to life. In order to do that, I'm going to need the Fi body (at least 2 to 3 more) and some other commando parts. If anyone has these parts and would be willing to sell/trade them, I would be eternally...
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    My Custom (3.75") Star Wars Figures/Vehicles

    These are my latest customs, for my light armored recon battalion.
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    So what's the best way to get comments and feedback on your action figure comic?

    I've noticed the majority of the comments have either maybe 4-5 comments or none at all... how do you get feedback on them? Are the ones with no comments considered "not good?" I'm just wondering if I'm missing something or people just don't give feedback in general.
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    Alien Versus Predator: Grit and Glory - Series 1, Episode 2 - Posted!

    **Split into 3 posts due to 20 photo limit... 2 Weeks after the USS. Valkyrie went missing, the USS. Sulaco enters the LV-742 system. The Sulaco enters orbit above LV-742. The crew members are awakened from Stasis... Idle chatter between Hicks and Doyle is broken up when Gunnery...
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    Weyland-Yutani Scientist Figure

    While technically "not" a military custom, there isn't really another place to put non-military customs. If that changes in the future, I humbly ask this be moved there. Without further ado, I present to you my most recent custom. This is an upcoming character for my AVP Photonovel. He was...
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    Alien Versus Predator: Grit and Glory - Series 1, Episode 1 - Posted!

    The Weyland-Yutani facility on LV-742 was established to conduct Top-Secret weapon's development research and exploit the resources on the planet... shortly after establishing the facility, ancient ruins were discovered all over the region. It wasn't long before Weyland-Yuntai's research into...
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    Custom Colonial Marine Figures

    Custom Tactical Combat Shotgun (pictured on bottom; original on top) Night sight ghost rings, side saddle, magpul stock Specialist H. Makholm (Smartgun Operator) Private M. Doyle (tech specialist)
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    Disney Star Wars: How do you guys feel about it...?

    Just curious? Do you like the new movies? Do they hold a kindle to the old ones? Personally, I absolutely hate them. I think they are a deliberate assault on the fandom. In my mind...
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    Photonovel/Action Figure Comic Questions!

    1. What editing software do you use? Especially with respect to special effects, etc. 2. How do you get all the frames the same size without stretching or distorting the images? 3. Any other tips related to this? I've got a few amateur previews of my in progress one...
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    [WIP] & [Completed] Alien versus Predator photonovel Dioramas!

    [WIP] Alien Queen Diorama Enforcer Predator vs. Bad blood clan at the Sacrificial monolith Colonial Marines Diorama Custom Tribal Raider Super Predator Custom Marine 1 Custom Marine 2 Shaman Predator Custom Predator Throne Room