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    The 2018-2019 Fighting 1:18th Officer Club Drive!

    You know the drill.. :racist: This site is completely paid for by the staff, and from donations by our members. So close to 10 years.. this is our 9th year as a site! Somehow we're still here.. entirely thank to you guys (You know who you are, all 12 of you, on a busy day). Still no ads! Those...
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    North Korea - The Peoples Besties What. Their U-turn in the last 30 days is.. so weird. I want to credit Trump and his hard nose tactics.. but.. I dunno. Something feels weird. Did their last test somehow...
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    Sea of Theives

    I can't wait to play this tonight/this week. BTW Sean Astin is great. I played in the Alpha and Betas.. and it was pretty fun, looking forward to seeing everything you can do. The 4K HDR picture is glorious. AYE, AVAST!
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    China |OT| ^_^

    Watched this today.. pretty insane.. China is so crazy. They can pull off stuff like this.. it's like science fiction turned reality! Also.. wow... Social credit!
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    Home Automation / Smart House |OT| I'm sorry Dave, I'm afraid I can't do that

    So last week we locked our keys out of our house (I closed the door, wife left the keys inside). We apparently have an extra secure house, as I couldn't find a door or window I could pry open.. so we had to call a locksmith who came and drilled the lock. Access, success! But now we've no door...
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    The Great Fighting 1:18th Bake Sale!

    ... without any baked goods! *BOOS HISS* I did some additional (minor) work on the forum this morning, and everything should be good to go. I've removed the old forum info, and we're 100% on the new system and it seems to be working well! There are still a couple features/options I want to...
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    Star Wars |OT| General (Kenobi) Thread

    A catch-all thread for all stuff Star Wars that may not be related to the current (hot/not) movie.. I saw this on the interwebs today and I instantly want it to be reality..
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    1:18 Scale Mass Effect Nomad - on Sale

    Says 1:18, is diecast, takes batteries for light up effects. Was $100 is now $27. Could be cool for dios or something maybe? I dunno. Maybe with a good paint job it could be some sort of post-apocalypse crawler? Just saw it was 1:18 and thought it was cool.
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    Florida School Shooting 20-50 victims? Guy is still alive? Ugh.
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    Westworld |OT| Doesn't look like anything to Me

    Huzzah! our Official Topic |OT| for WESTWORLD. I think it was my favorite show from last year, beating out a very cool season of Game of Thrones. Oh.. and we should be getting a new trailer during the Superb Owl! I imagine there will be a ton of twists and turns for Season 2, so we can use...
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    The Fighting 1:18th Banner Contest - 2018 Edition!

    A new year! A new (old) contest! The Fighting 1:18th Banner Contest returns (from the grave)! As you can see above, I managed to figure out how to slap a 118th logo on a properly sized photo.. no border or fancy nonsense because I think Beeavision took those with him.. but we need no such...
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    Xbox Game Pass |OT| Now with more Games! They announced this week that the Xbox Game Pass ($9.95/month) will not include _ALL_ Microsoft first party games when they launch. Wow. Already confirmed to include Sea of Thieves, Crackdown 3, State of Decay 2.. and they also said future...
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    State of the Site - 01/11/2018

    2018! I thought the world was supposed to be way over by now?! :troll: And yet.. here were are.. we just keep on keeping on. We're like to cockroaches of the internet. 2018.. quickly approaching our 9th year as a thing. What do you get someone for their 9th anniversary? The internet tells me...
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    Playerunknown's Battlegrounds |OT| PUBG Life

    This game has me absolutely hooked in its grasps. It's been on early access for PC since the Spring, and recently came to Xbox One in early access.. with a 1.0 release for PC happening last week. The game.. simplifed.. You and 99 other people (100 total) are put on a plane, and kicked off...
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    Xbox One X |OT| X Gonna Give It To Ya

    Seriously. This thing is looking beastly. Check out the slider that compares regular Xbox One to Xbox One X enhanced. (Yes its French) Xbox One X sur TV 1080pÂ*: oui c?est plus beau et on le prouve | Xbox One - Xboxygen Tuesday HYPE! Can't wait to pick mine up.
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    The Walking Dead - Season 8

    Season 7 discussion Well, that was something. Spoilers ahead. :trollface: I don't know, I just don't have that loving feeling for TWD anymore. Honestly, Fear the Walking Dead got better towards the end of last season, not great, but not terrible. I felt the season premier last...
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    Gender Creative

    Mom Reacts to James Woods' Tweet About Gender Creative Son Hoo-boy (Hoo-girl? Hoo-Non-binary?) I don't even know what to think about this nonsense anymore. I mean.. uh.. I don't know. On one hand, you have the parents who 'force' their children to be different, on the other hand, you...
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    The 2017-2018 Fighting 1:18th Officer Drive

    You know the drill.. :racist: This site is completely paid for by the staff, and from donations by our members. We're now into our.. 8th? year on this green Earth! Lucky 8! This is the year the hobby is coming back, I can feel it! ... until then.. we'll keep kicking the can down the road and...
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    Fighting 1:18th Fantasy Football League - 2017-2018 - NOW OPEN!

    Woohoo! I renewed the league.. last year my friend Mitch won the trophy. He got the names engraved and everything. I need to find the picture to post.. but he also got a new topper.. it's a lazy guy in a chair. Pretty cool. I booted the three "non playing fuckers" from last year (Jeff...
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    Official NFL 2017/2018 Thread!

    VIVA LAS RAIDERS! NFL team owners approve Raiders' move to Las Vegas - Should be fun.. couple years away though.. but I'm excited. Also.. Petersen is still sans a job.. will he land anywhere?