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  1. Joerhyno

    Marvel Infinite 2015

    I wonder how well MU beast hands would look popped into this Beast?
  2. Joerhyno

    New Dreadnok : Al Simmons "HELLSPAWN"

    Let me just bend over and grab that... snip.... aaarrrrggghhhh!!!!!
  3. Joerhyno

    Official Halo Thread

    Same announcer, just added dialogue. I was going to go to a special event that had the voice actor of guilty sparks, but my leg is hurting, so not gonna make it. :-(
  4. Joerhyno

    Project: WIP 1/18 - Pick-up Paramilitary

    They still make them, but they're not as good as they used to be... Tree House Kids Outdoor Adventure Dodge RAM 3500 Truck 8PC Set | eBay New 19 Piece Deluxe Duck Dynasty Gift Set 847732011559 | eBay Here's an old one, I think I still have this sitting somewhere, I was going to make a...
  5. Joerhyno

    Project: WIP 1/18 - Pick-up Paramilitary

    This company used to have licensed cars, Dodge, Toyota, Ford, Hummer, Jeep.. now their cars seem kinda generic.. maybe try to find an older set with one of the good trucks? Imagination Adventure Series Truck Trailer 4 Wheeler Dog | eBay
  6. Joerhyno

    Vortious Custom Cast Accessories

    There was a Narnia Knight that had a similar helmet to the Guy Fawkes mask. He had a full beard on the mask part, so it'd need to be sanded and resculpted and he had an attached helmet, so that'd have to be either taken off or modified to look like a Hat. anyway of converting her upper legs...
  7. Joerhyno

    Vortious Custom Cast Accessories

    Damn... worked 14 hours yesterday... :-( that's an awesome deal!
  8. Joerhyno

    Hatred, or feeding the anti trolls.

    Um... yeah... kids really don't need that. With that said, I'm betting money there will be soccermoms out there looking for it for their kids. I know the neighbor kid will have it.
  9. Joerhyno

    G.I. Kre-O, Kre-O, MegaBloks CoD and LEGO discussions

    Sorry, made me giggle
  10. Joerhyno

    BBI & Joe parts mashup WiP

    I'm just trying to weigh my options on realistic "Joe styled" customs. Like he said, when you put a vest on a joe body, the mid-torso joint is barely usable, but they also become a little bulkier and some are hard to be put in the pose I mentioned without looking silly, that's why I asked him...
  11. Joerhyno

    BBI & Joe parts mashup WiP

    Can the custom in the first pic do a kneeling double handed rifle holding pose?
  12. Joerhyno

    BBI & Joe parts mashup WiP

    I get what you guys are doing... but isn't this the same thing as using a Joe body and putting some sort of vest on them?
  13. Joerhyno

    Star Wars Republic Commando

    I love this game, I have it on the original Xbox. I also love the soundtrack. If you can find it online, give it a chance, a couple guys had it on youtube, I was able to download the whole soundtrack from someone who ripped it from the PC game.
  14. Joerhyno

    Basic Figure Dissassembly – GI Joe Modern Era

    Throw them in the freezer for a couple hours first.
  15. Joerhyno

    ROSS / TJ MAXX / Marshalls Stores Sightings

    If you got those and didn't scalp them yet, I could use the Gold faced chick and the big wrecking ball guy.
  16. Joerhyno

    casting tires...

    I did and most the shops tires look like this: or this: I actually took the tire I wanted to replace to one shop and most are too big and the ones that are the right size are the wrong style, lol.
  17. Joerhyno

    casting tires...

  18. Joerhyno

    casting tires...

    If I do 25% more part B, do I do 25% less of part A or just add an additional part B?
  19. Joerhyno

    casting tires...

    If I were to cast some tires, what would be a good resin to use? I'd want it to have a little give, especially so I can shove a rod in the hole(settle down Eddie), and it'd hold from the friction alone. Any tips? I don't want it to be too rubbery though.
  20. Joerhyno

    Marvel Infinite 2014

    Nope, he was supposed to be a variant to the chick and he never made it out before the switchover to the Infinite Series.