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  1. Joerhyno

    casting tires...

    If I were to cast some tires, what would be a good resin to use? I'd want it to have a little give, especially so I can shove a rod in the hole(settle down Eddie), and it'd hold from the friction alone. Any tips? I don't want it to be too rubbery though.
  2. Joerhyno

    Anyone cast the original Steel Brigade helmet?

    Anyone know of any casters, or any casters that post here know if they cast the Original looking Steel Brigade helmet? Not the modern one that came in the Steel Brigade vs The Plague set. But the original heads that were turned into helmets?
  3. Joerhyno

    My buddy's first GI Joe book though Amazon Worlds [Contest!]

    G.I. JOE: G.I. Joe: First Salvo (Kindle Worlds) - Kindle edition by Bill Nedrow. Literature & Fiction Kindle eBooks @ I know some here hate the silliness of some of the GI Joe stuff, but just...
  4. Joerhyno

    Build-a-rama diorama displays

    1:18 from markfett | eBay Anyone get any of these? If so, how are they? I'm thinking of getting the matt and maybe the curved road one that is on sale.
  5. Joerhyno

    My custom MOTUC Backdrop/diorama

    I made this for my MOTUC shelf in my toy room. My plan was to make one of these backdrop/dioramas for each of my shelves for my different collections, I just never got around to doing it. When Matty announced their collection contest to win a Fisto, I figured, why not try to finally make it and...
  6. Joerhyno

    Joerhyno's SW thread

    I'm working on setting up my stuff in my extra room in the Dungeon, finally.. after 5 years of living here, and 2 years of sitting on these huge shelves I bought, I thought it was time to take stuff out of boxes and bins and actually enjoy them. My goal is one whole shelving unit for SW...
  7. Joerhyno

    TNI's Custom Toy-Con 2013

    I was given the okay to post about this here and thought I'd post before it got to late. My sister was working on a banner for me, but she hasn't gotten back to me so I'll just go without it for now. We're holding our inaugural Custom Toy-Con over at TNI later in September and we were...
  8. Joerhyno

    TRUe Heroes CH-46 Helicopter mods and questions.

    I got this(or one close to it, not sure if its' the same color): not my pic, I'll replace it w/ mine when I dig it out. I was wondering if any of you hardcore military folk know of a site where I can get the proper dimensions so I can try to convert this closer to 1:18th scale. I...
  9. Joerhyno

    Looking for a couple parts for a project.

    I forgot I had one of these lists, lol... UPDATE TIME!!! New project I'm working on- I'm updating my displays and right now I'm working on my Star Wars shelves. I'm currently making my Rebel Alliance shelf and my Imperial shelf look all spiffy, so if you have something that would help with...