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  1. fogger1138

    Preacher13 feedback

    Paid fast, excellent commmunication. Great buyer, thanks!
  2. fogger1138

    Giga Bread Feedback

    Couldn't find a thread, so starting one. (If I missed one, please combine) Picked up some stuff from him that he listed in the Officers forum. Prices were great, communication was great, he shipped super-fast and well-packaged. Everything just the way you'd want it.
  3. fogger1138

    New Jersey Collectors Con

    I dragged my nephew up there yesterday - it was a little over two hours from my house in Maryland in easy traffic. I wore the Fighting 118th shirt, of course; had to represent. :D We got in around 8:30, early enough that they hadn't started the raffles for door prizes yet. There was a big...
  4. fogger1138

    Fogger1138's July Banner entry

    Didn't take this for the banner, but it came out better than I thought it would, so why not:
  5. fogger1138

    Official kitbash/parts swap thread

    Post 'em here!
  6. fogger1138

    1:18 Aliens APC?

    Aliens M577 Armored Personnel Carrier
  7. fogger1138

    Club Sub 3.0 (GIJCC FSS)

    Do we seriously not have a FSS 3.0 thread? I can't find it. Anyway, from the posts on the Book of the Face, it sounds like the Club will be starting their reveals soon. Probably on Monday, given the way they hype stuff. :hijack: Previously posted list of FSS 3.0 figures: Psyche Out...
  8. fogger1138

    Marauder KS "bundling"

    So, the math: One figure at a time: $19 each. 3 figures at a time: $54 or $18 each. 6 figures at a time: $100 or $16.67 each. 12 figures at a time: $195 or $16.25 each. (Plus one free set of all stretch goals) 27 figures at a time: $395 or $14.63 each. (Plus two free sets of all stretch goals)...
  9. fogger1138

    Apache26 feedback

    Sold me some parts I needed for a helicopter at a great price, shipped fast and all that. Thanks!
  10. fogger1138

    Angel Forge contest

    Didn't get to make it to the inaugural East Coast Custom Convention, but you still want one of the exclusive skeleton & coffin sets? Well, now's your chance to win one! To enter, all you need to do is the following: Go to The Angel Forge on Facebook and "like" the page, if you haven't...
  11. fogger1138

    NYCC '13 stuff

    Think we need an all-in-one thread for NYCC info. Damn shame these aren't 1:18th, there's a few different suited figures: Of course, it's Mattel, so they'd suck in 1:18 anyway.
  12. fogger1138

    thegame68 Feedback

    Did several very successful trades with him at another website, and now we've done one here as well. Always very easy and pleasant to deal with; I'd trade with him again in a heartbeat. :thumbsup: :medalofhonor:
  13. fogger1138

    Dollar General Speculation

    Anyone think they'd do a wave 3 (or a 3 & 4, similar to what they have now)? (Or wave 2, if you like to think of the ones out now as wave 1A and 1B) Also curious as to what people think would make good figure choices if they work off of the same idea that they did for the first ones...
  14. fogger1138

    Bookshelf dios

    Just the ones Medd made for me, for now...
  15. fogger1138


    Starting a thread for requests for icons/smilies to be added. If you have stuff you want to see be made available, post it here and maybe the admins can get it added.
  16. fogger1138

    What're you reading?

    I swear we had a book club thread, but I can't find it. All of the Dan Brown talk in the "what's everybody up to?" thread got me thinking we should try again. So, what're you reading?
  17. fogger1138

    Hellion42 feedback

    Just finished a trade with him (we traded money for figures). Not the first time we've done business, and it's always gone very smoothly. +pi internets
  18. fogger1138

    Joerhyno feedback

    Didn't see one, so I'ma starting one. Just sold him some extra stuff I had picked up. He paid quickly and answered PMs fast. What more can you want from a sale? Would definitely do business with him again. +1 internetz.
  19. fogger1138

    Casting ethics/etiquette

    I have a question for those of you who are casters and those of you who do your own sculpting that's available to buyers (specifically Giga Bread). I'm learning how to cast and mold so that I can do reproduction stuff for my own use, and for my friends. I have no intention to ever open up a...
  20. fogger1138

    DC 3.75"

    So, according to BBTS DC is following up its con exclusives with this foray into 3.75" figures: