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  1. G.I.*EDDIE

    Interesting Videos

    So I wouldn't say that the following are cool or funny, so I made a thread for videos that are just, interesting material. This one is really cool and sadly almost really obvious if you're paying attention. But it lead me to more of the interviewee's work. This one on looks is really good...
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    Would You Rather...

    Anyone interested in a thread like this? Me and the wife were talking ridiculous hypotheticals and it got me wondering if we could have fun with it. 🤨
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    Marvel: Phase whatever it is now.

    Leaked trailer for Avenger Infinity War I UOL Mais > Vingadores Guerra Infinita trailer Comic-con Full 'Avengers: Infinity War' Trailer Shown At Comic-Con Leaks Online For The Rest Of Us Fans ~ Turbo Exp .
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    Irrational fears?

    I have this irrational fear at drive up ATMs. I fear that someone will run up or pop out from behind a column with a machete and cut off my arm when it's between my car and the ATM. I know it's totally ridiculous, but I really do keep my eyes peeled for some psycho with a mission. Have any...
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    Marvel Netflix series

    UPDATE: Marvel And Netflix's PUNISHER Spinoff Officially On The Way; First Teaser Image Released
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    Star Wars VIII movie thread

    Script leak...supposedly.
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    Star Wars: Rogue One

    Get it while its hot!
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    New TMNT game Looks like they took the Transformers Devastation model and made a TMNT game. Fine by me. I'll eventually pick it up when it's $20-$30. The TF game was fun, but not $60 fun.
  9. G.I.*EDDIE

    Fear the Walking Dead season 2

    This is kinda weird scheduling, but i guess twice as many eps split up between seasons of the year might be fun. Fear the Walking Dead, The Night Manager and TURN Premiere Dates Set
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    Legends of Tomorrow (TV)

  11. G.I.*EDDIE

    I want that! So cool!

    Just a general thread for things you want...anything.
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    The Walking Dead Season 6
  13. G.I.*EDDIE

    Popeye the Sailor Man

    Finally got this one done. What forearms and hands to use were holding me up and it just got back burnered. But looking at Popeye art, I knew they HAD to be quite large...I wasn't going for realism. Anyway, take a peek. I'm quite happy with the end result.
  14. G.I.*EDDIE

    Eddies stupid question/poll #23 Permanent Daylight Savings Time?

    Eddie's stupid question/poll #23 Permanent Daylight Savings Time. Yes or no? How do you fell about it? Do you mind? Do you wish it would end or would you prefer to keep it year round? I personally would prefer to keep the extra hour of light at the end of the day. Not a fan at all of the early...
  15. G.I.*EDDIE

    The Sidepiece Agreement: 10 Rules for The Other Woman

    My buddy forwarded this to me's hilariously awesome!...though, I think, presented with this agreement, the "sidepiece" would no longer be a sidepiece... I think my fave thing about it is the reference "main chick" :lmao:
  16. G.I.*EDDIE

    The Flash (TV series)

    First episode leaked's a link if you wanna watch it... Pretty freaking cool if you ask me...lots of cool Easter eggs that hopefully pan out as the show progresses...
  17. G.I.*EDDIE

    Revoltech TMNT

    These look ridiculously cool...having a hard time nailing down their size...I wish for 4", so I expect 6" :rolleyes: Also, $47 EACH?! :eek: :greedy: Revoltech- Nicktoons Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Press Images |
  18. G.I.*EDDIE

    DIY home repairs help thread

    Drops thread got me thinking this might be a good idea, especially when I have one of my own...a thread just to post DIY questions...seems we might have a knowledgeable membership here that could help each other out...
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    Dead celebrities |OT| Knock knock knocking on heaven's door

    We're always making a new thread for any given dead celebrity..thought maybe we could compile them all in here... Casey Kasem - 6/15/14 Count! (Starting 9/6/18) 2018 Burt Reynolds Gary Kurtz (SW producer) Scott Wilson (Hershel) Stan Lee George H W Bush Penny Marshal Donald Moffat 2019 Bob...
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    Goodbye old friend...

    So I've had a 93 notchback 5 liter mustang since's a torquey, agile beast that I could cut in and out of traffic with with total confidence...I fish tailed that thing out of more parking lots and driveways than I can count...I LOVE that car!... I've rebuilt the engine a couple times...