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  1. Meddatron

    Mr T and Marion Cobretti

    My versions of Mr T and Marion Cobretti (Stallone) for the Joe verse. Thanks for looking.
  2. Meddatron

    Harley Quinn

    Made a new head for my Harley Quinn. Just need to eventually change out some red joints for black ones. Thanks for looking.
  3. Meddatron

    Superman - Eddie won't like it....

    New outfit Superman. Need to get better hands and do the tops of his boots, but those mods will be waiting for parts.
  4. Meddatron

    Modded DCMV Joker and Harley Quinn.

    Finally modded a DC Multiverse Joker. Gave him better elbows (unfortunately black pegs til I get purple), new head, removed his jacket and painted his shirt orange, SS articulated hands (I like him with white gloves) and gave him ankle articulation. HQ just has added GIJoe Covergirl arms. I...
  5. Meddatron

    Reverse Flash by Meddatron

    Have had the heads done for a long time. Parts to finish him arrived while I was down. He just needed assembled. Finally was able to do it. I present my Reverse Flash. I like the second meaner looking head better, but it is a tad small. Second pictured head was made from a cast of an MU guy with...
  6. Meddatron

    Infinite Heroes Gordon Defect (two right hands)

    Defect Super Hero Comic Book Infinite Heroes 3 4" DC Commissioner Gordon Figure | eBay $8 Free Shipping BIN Last week I got one from this guy for $9 free shipping that has a a few paint splotches. No biggie for me, better than the normal 30plus after shipping he usually is. Now he...
  7. Meddatron

    Sewer Clash Lizard - MU Spiderman 2010 3 3/4

    I remember someone on here wanting him. This is the second time I have seen this seller selll one. This one is only at 2.25 with 2 days to go. From China, Free shipping. Last one I watched went for less than 10 dollars. Marvel Universe 3 3 4 034 Sewer Clash Lizard 2010 Spider Man Figure P116V...
  8. Meddatron

    Custom Contests from the Web

    This thread will serve for all people/members to promote custom contests. They need not be contests just on the Fighting 118th. They can be from anywhere on the web you want to promote them from. You can even promote voting on contests that have ended. Just provide the links to the rules and/or...
  9. Meddatron

    Lego Dr Who

    My wife saw that a Lego Dr Who set was coming. A Dr Who set won a fan contest and will go into production. A Wall-E set is coming too. Thought I would pass it on. 'Dr. Who' Lego Set Wins Fan Vote, Will Go Into Production Later This Year Video of the winning Lego Set that is getting produced...
  10. Meddatron

    DC Multiverse Penguin (Devito)

    Finally took pictures of him. Kept forgetting I needed to. Typical MV articulation without the leg swivel. Main jacket is removable and under coat would be with some work (feels glued on)
  11. Meddatron

    Deadpool [2016]

    Ryan Reynolds says he wants to be as close to the source as possible. Test Footage from SDCC Source - ScreenRant
  12. Meddatron

    Nightwing The Series [Fan Film]

    Watched the first episode. Not bad, not great. Acting is so-so. I'll watch the rest. Preview Episode 1 Episode 2 Episode 3...
  13. Meddatron

    Meddatron's Feb Banner Entry FFA

    Decided to use an old picture and just crop it. Photobucket was down so I had to upload it to the server. Hopefully it doesn't change it size.
  14. Meddatron

    DC Multiverse Black Mask

    He has the typical Multiverse articulation. He comes with an alternate head and a pistol. As you will see in the pics for the heads to sit at the right height, the neck post is exposed in the back. If you put the heads all the way down he has no neck at all. The Jacket and vest is one piece...
  15. Meddatron

    Comic Strips

    Anyone like to read the "funnies". Til this day I still read them in the Sunday newspaper. Was just googling some and decided to start a thread for them here. Anyone can feel free to add a comic strip you stumble across. Just keep them suitable for work please so everyone can enjoy anywhere.
  16. Meddatron

    Batman Vs Robin [DC Animated Movie]

    Holy teenage rebellion, Batman! The first trailer for the next entry in the DC animated canon has just dropped – courtesy of IGN – and it looks like Bruce Wayne is about to get extremely acquainted with the perils of fatherhood. Then again, it’s hard to place strict rules on your child...
  17. Meddatron

    Marvel's Ant-Man Movie

    Time for this movie to have it's own thread. Teaser trailer
  18. Meddatron

    New Year Plans?

    Whats everybody up to this evening. Anything fun? Wife. kids, and I are staying in. Just watching what's on TV (MASH right now) and the kids are playing video games. I may jump in on a game soon.
  19. Meddatron

    Sad Day in Playboy Land??

    HH has died. I read some places it is a hoax. other's reporting it as real. Looking more and more to be fake. Guess it is fake. Still a fun read though. BREAKING: Playboy Tycoon Hugh Hefner Passes Away at Age of 88
  20. Meddatron

    The Walking Dead Spinoff [TV Series]

    AMC is on the verge of filling its schedule with spinoff series to former and current hits like Breaking Bad and The Walking Dead. While the former (a.k.a. Better Call Saul) is set to hit the air early next year, news continues to pour in on the companion show to Robert Kirkman’s zombie...