32 mins of amazing 1:18 scale sci-fi awesomeness from Joy Toy


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Sep 2, 2018
Tampa, FL
Sadly it feels not a lot of people like these. I for one love them! They look great. I am STOKED for the Golden ones and the Hammer Legion. My Goldens just shipped. Should be here by March.

jersey john

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Mar 13, 2018
The one all the way on our left (his right ) the yellow one reminds me of the cops in the fifth element when they are searching the apartments for corbyn Dallas. They are cool and I’m sure well made, but too sci-fi for my universe. I’m more modern military in my collection. The WWII stuff is great too but I promised myself I’m not going down that rabbit hole. I’m currently working on trying to make a city diorama in my basement with a base on the far right to display my vehicles and figures and have different scenes for toy photography. Something like digler had back in the day but not as advanced cause I’m not as talented lol. Every time I get a spare hour here or there I work on it. I should be done in the next 5 years or so lol. Only other thing I was very tempted with was hacks and fantasy stuff but I amazingly held back. I am a big Conan fan, lord of the rings, Krull, willow, game of thrones ( until last 3-4 episodes) etc you name it, but at 30 a figure and 40 a horse I know I will drop 5-6k easily. Maybe in the future when my modern set up is where I want it to be.... Your collection is amazing and I look forward to your videos.