5 Below


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Aug 6, 2012
NYS- Finger Lakes
That Firefly is a good parts figure.
I thought so too. Was buying them for the arms, legs and HISS drones but then I came up with this at Custom Con and now I want to army build them-

Harness fits perfectly around the collar. Waist is a little snug but that's easy enough to fix. Really gives an otherwise boring figure exactly what it needs, I think.
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Mar 26, 2014
I need one of y'all's help! I need 6 wolverine shadow ninja heads from those 5 belows for my son's birthday cake..

I snagged up a bunch of black SS at DG,and would like to put those heads on them,then use them as cake toppers like I got as a kid. He's in love with dark ninjas&red ninjas,the only thing missing are those style heads. I seen them when I was in Ohio,and they where $3 each,and reused that head only in black on a 5 POA figure..I should've gotten them then,but hind sight...I got paypal,and/or tradables:D

Well, the grand opening wasn't the Joe-a-palooza I was expecting... Two rows of Joes, lots of those Firefly dudes with cart and Joe Coltons. I did get another Kwinn for myself, and these four, so if anyone is in need of a Crimson Guard, a Snake Eyes w/Timber, orUltimate Storm Shadow let me know!
That Data Viper is pretty boss, so I may keep him.


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Mar 14, 2011
I've got a project cooking in my head (yeah, I've heard that before) and didn't have a solution for the arms and coat. I wasn't thinking of a trench coat, but it could work.

I'd probably just pick it up at Wal-Mart instead of hauling my ass 30 miles down the road to Five Below.