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Sep 2, 2018
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2 Weeks after the USS. Valkyrie went missing, the USS. Sulaco enters the LV-742 system.

The Sulaco enters orbit above LV-742.

The crew members are awakened from Stasis...

Idle chatter between Hicks and Doyle is broken up when Gunnery Sergeant Windrix enters the room. "Briefing in five. Meet up on the hangar deck, near the drop ship." Corporal Hicks and Private Doyle answer in unison, "Right away, Gunny!"

Gunnery Sergeant Windrix asks Corporal Hicks, "Corporal - I've heard you've got experience on bug hunts?" He adds: "Should be a routine sweep and clear. Weyland-Yutani only had a couple of specimens." Corporal Hicks interjects, "Nothing is routine with the bugs, Gunny." Windrix offers a nod. "Briefing is in five - be there gentleman."

Corporal Dwayne Hicks collects his gear and equipment from an adjacent locker room to the hangar. When he is approached by Private Doyle who asks, "Hey Corporal, what do you know about our new C.O.?" While reaching to grab his bucket off the top shelf. Hicks answers, "Yeah - he's a seasoned veteran from several battles with insurrectionists on the fringe systems. Don't know more than that...but with all due respect, he is greatly underestimating the bugs."

Sergeant Windrix gathers up some of the remaining crew members, instructing them to meet in the hangar. Lance Bishop II works on activating key systems throughout the ship, in preparation for the operation planet-side.

Gunnery Sergeant Windrix briefs his squad on the mission. "Our mission is two fold - primary object is to gather intelligence on what happened to the USS. Valkyrie and to rescue any survivors from the Weyland-Yutani base if possible. If we encounter anything that's not human execute it with extreme prejudice."

Bishop II readies the last of the gear for the mission. He preforms maintenance on the UA 571-C Automated Sentry Guns in the Armory.

A dropship is quickly dispatched from the Sulaco, carrying Corporal Hicks, Gunnery Sergeant Windrix, Bishop II, Specialist Malcolm, Private Doyle, and Private Thomas.

The squad is deployed from the dropship after a quick dust-off at the LZ. Their first steps are taken on LV-742. Communications and electrical equipment are not reliable. It isn't clear if the planet itself or something else causes the issue...

The Marines trek for miles on foot, moving through some of the harshest jungle any of them have seen. The heat and humidity is demoralizing...

Corporal Hicks decides to take point and scout ahead of the group.

While scouting ahead, something catches Corporal Hick's eye.

As he advances, he can't believe what his eyes take in. He whispers under his breath, "Sweet mother of God..." Unable to move, he does the first thing that comes to mind. "Gunny, you better come take a look at this... bring the squad."

The rest of the Marines quickly catch up to Hicks, all of them are in a state of disbelief in what they see.

Windrix approaches the skinned human being. Attempting to make sense of what his eyes take in but his mind rejects.
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Debris on the ground catches Private Doyle's eye and he goes in to investigate.

He locates a customized Ithaca Model 37 Shotgun. None of the rounds on the side saddle have been used. He checks the weapon further and makes a discovery. "Damn - not a single round fired. Looks like whoever this was didn't get use it."

Doyle locates a standard issue M-10 Pattern Ballistic Helmet! The victim of this gruesome death a was a fellow Marine. He pans the helmet to the side and finds the name "Ramirez" on the back. Adding more to the mystery, the Marine was also registered to the USS. Valkyrie. The helmet-mounted camera had been smashed. Judging from appearances it would almost seem intentional...

Corporal Hicks Stops and stares off in the distance. Unsure of what he might have noticed, Bishop checks the motion tracker. No movement is detected ahead of them for 20 meters besides their fellow squad mates.

Hicks turns to Bishop, "I thought I saw something out there. I could have sworn." Bishop replies, "No contacts detected on the motion tracker, Corporal. Probably just the heat getting to you." Hicks sighs. "Yeah, must be."

After the Marines move out, something shimmers into existence in the brush behind where they just were...

The glowing eyes of the Biomask flash through the brush!

The Bad Blood emerges from bushes and follows the Marines from a safe distance.

A few kilometers ahead, Gunnery Sergeant Windrix signals his squad to stop.

Specialist Malcolm and Private Thomas are ordered forward! They discover a Weyland-Yutani atmosphere processing pipe! It appears to have been bashed open.

Malcolm and Thomas cautiously approach the pipe, making sure it is clear. They don't see any hostiles, but notice the damage inside the pipe.

Private Thomas gives the all clear signal to the rest of the men.

The squad regroups at the pipe, covering the area and establishes a perimeter.

Bishop carefully examines the damage to the pipe, realizing that a Xenomorph's claw marks are responsible for the interior damage.

Windrix turns to Hicks. "Back there - that Marine, you ever seen anything like that, Corporal?" Hicks shook his head. "Never seen anything like that - bugs don't do things like that." Bishop adds to the conversation, "I can confirm that a Xenomorph did escape through this pipe. Beyond that, I can't really say what we're dealing with exactly." Windrix states, "One thing is for sure... this at-mo pipe is the only entrance we've found to the base so far - so I hope we all enjoy tight spaces."

One month Prior to the Weyland-Yutani Quarantine Failure...

20 kilometers from the Weyland-Yutani facility, ruins of a space-faring race have been discovered. Their monolithic sculptures appear very human-like. Their technology is ancient and highly advanced. A great deal of investment has been made by the company in excavating the ruins.

Weyland-Yutani's efforts have mainly been concentrated in underground caverns, honeycombed with thousands of ancient passages and relics.

Doctor Walter Heisenberg and a Commando escort venture into the ancient catacombs in search of alien relics...

One particular room is discovered. It contains alien hieroglyphics and numerous relics! The hieroglyphics tell of an ancient conflict between the ruin builders - Engineers as they have been dubbed by Weyland-Yutani and the Yautja. A group of alien hunters who engaged in war with the Engineers.

Two distinct sets of relics are discovered - the first appears to be an ancient weapon of some kind - related to the very makers of the ruins!
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The second cluster of relics belong to the hunters - which even includes a Xenomorph skull! Adding further mystery in the relationship between the Engineers, Hunters, and Xenomorphs. A great deal of research will be required in order to address these questions...

Shortly after the Weyland-Yutani expedition team returns for the day, one of the artifacts begins to hum to life and radiate energy!

This in turn awakens a sleeping God...!

Deep within the ancient ruins, an Engineer awakens after slumbering for a millennia.

The ancient being activates a powerful weapon within the temple, that unleashes an EMP attack! All electrical systems and security features within the Weyland-Yutani complex are disabled.

The Engineer activates a holodisplay of the star system, observing how it has changed over time...leaving the seeded children of the Engineers to take mantel that their creators left behind.

The Engineer heads to where weapons were last kept.

The towering Being reaches for the familiar grip of his Energy rifle...

The weapon is still functional!

With his weapon now ready and filled with purpose, the Engineer will deal with the human trespassers accordingly.

Doctor Heisenberg returns to find that his laboratory has been compromised! An energy pulse from the ruins has disabled all high-tech equipment within the lab.

One of the stasis chambers in the back of the lab attracts Heisenberg...

His chestburster specimen has escaped containment and fled through a vent on the wall!

Heisenberg requests a Commando team to report to his lab to deal with the rising Xenomorph threat!

Present Day - Aboard the Yautja Mothership

Recent human vistors to LV-742 garner the attention of the hunters...

Another hunting party is gathered to deal with the latest threat!

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