Custom Weyland-Yutani PMC Figure

Sep 2, 2018
Tampa, FL
Awesome work how tall is he?
He is 1:10 scale... but supposedly he is 7" (6.3" actually) but I find he's slightly shorter than my other Aliens figures (who range from 6-6.5"). The base figure was from the newest Call of Duty figure line... he's from the brand new game as a PVP character. He doesn't have a name or story, so I thought it would be perfect to turn him into a W-Y PMC. I will give him a backstory and purpose in my action figure comic. The customization to this guy are: the South African painted flag on his sleeve, the holster (made of craft foam and painted), radio on his back, wires, and earpiece. Also painted the MOLL-E straps black, because I felt leaving them tan seemed off-putting. The last step were cutting off and re-arranging the magazines in his pouches on the chest-rig. I turned them sideways to look more like the type of mags that go into the Pulse Rifles. Not terribly crazy customization, but I am proud of that flag on his sleeve. Painting that was a nightmare.
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