End of Days



Bios/background info on the characters . . .

Psyche-Out, the youngest team member, puts his paranoia skills to the test not only against Cobra, but against the undead too. He's fitted his upper body armor with muscle-activated sensitive chemical weapons: he uses a variety of drugs and psychological gases to exploit the fears and phobias of his enemies. He also stores canisters of acids, for close encounters with zombies.
Psyche-Out also woks on control techniques for Roadblock during combat situations (Roadblock is known to loose his sense of friend and foe during high stress combat situations).

Known for being a survivor, Repeater, with the help of the Joe tech junkies, fitted himself with a mech suite to help protect him from zombie and Cobra attacks. He also fitted the suit with two cams instead of one, though they can be used one at a time to conserve ammo.
The "grunt for life" continues the battle in his search for survivors while protecting those who seek out a cure to the Dead End virus.

Ettienne LaFitte watched as the world around him was decimated. His home town of Fer-de-Lance gone. He stared at the hell on Earth in defiance, and it stared back, aging him in a way he never thought possible for a man that had seen the kind of action special forces brought. He knew of hell, but nothing like this. Cobra would somehow always be there in one form or another. But the undead? What kind of world was this now? What other weapons born in a laboratory existed? And while a good number of his teammates turned to body armor to help in combat, Ettienne LaFitte (code name Gung Ho) decided to hold onto a look he wore long before the world went straight to hell.

Roadblock is reborn!, (after being killed in my Dio-Story Dead End) thanks in part to a Cobra human hormone growth process coupled with strands of the Dead End virus (the virus brings the recently departed back to life). The end result leaves Roadblock "Hulk Like". He once again sides with the GI Joes, but his rage, at it's peak, can blur the line between friend and foe.

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Bios/background info on the characters . . .

David Gallo was a mechanic, who never married, and spent much of his free time following American politics. He would often attend town meetings, and rallies, voicing his opinions against corruption on all levels. One day he was introduced to an organization known as Cobra. There he learned how Cobra wanted to change the world and free it from the grip of corporate greed and deep seeded government corruption. David had finally found his place and now serves as a mechanic for Cobra, all the while moving his way up the ranks of the Cobra Troopers.

As a young man Jim Conti became disenchanted with what he saw America becoming. He believed the Country had seen it's finest days and was on the way down as a Super Power. To him America was now a shadow of it's once great self- a Country given away by past generations. Jim made a living out of collecting disability checks for an injury that had long since been forgotten. In the end his attitude was too much of a strain on his marriage. At his divorce hearing he was quoted as saying, "This Country is weak. Why work to help support the system, when the system can support me?" The disability checks stopped soon after.
When he found out Cobra wanted to keep America on top- through whatever means necessary, Jim found something to believe in. His heart and sole now belong to Cobra.
Resident Evil Crossover

Prologue (Written by David Lee)

Umbrella Corporation, B.O.W. Progress Report: Ne-G Type
We've made great breakthroughs on the Nemesis Project. Combining one of the parasites with the remains of the G creature recovered outside Raccoon City have produced... Interesting results. The G creature was discovered to be in a state of dormancy due to massive cellular damage sustained to it. Samples of it were shipped to several Umbrella facilities for further research and experimentation.

Introduction of the Nemesis parasite has seemingly kick started its regeneration and evolution. From the small sample we attained the creature has grown drastically, resembling something vaguely humanoid. It's roughly 8 ft tall with an oddly asymmetrical development. Evidence of the Nemesis parasite are visible; the parasite both dramatically increasing the creature's intelligence and allowing us control over it.

Have the other samples begun regenerating? If so, are the results similar or are they the result of the introduction of the parasite? Further study is necessary, though the Ne-G Type's strength and adaptability make it an excellent candidate as a production level weapon.

Dr. Samuel Isaacs
Hawthorne Facility

After the death of Dr. Samuel Issacs, Cobra secretly placed Dr. Mindbender on the Umbrella research center staff. Soon after he took over the Nemesis program and began gathering data for Cobra. The program is code name Biohazard Viper . . .


* There are two basic types of zombies. The first type was dubbed molasses; slow and lethargic, they can usually be found in packs close to where they passed away. The molasses zombies are easily out run, but without a firearm or heavy blunt object they can be hard to put down. One attacks, then another, then another. The second zombie type is referred to as speedies. Speedies can run-like-the-wind. They don't need to breathe and their hearts do not pump, but their legs do. They have been spotted either alone or in groups far distances from where they died. Speedies are the most dangerous of the two zombie types. Even one can be deadly if you don't have a firearm.


Mar 14, 2011
Dude, that is one hell of a large set! So many things to comment on, but the one that caught my eye was the shot out flat tire. How did you do that? Melt it?


Mar 14, 2011

I've never seen your dios before. I'm looking forward to seeing them from start to finish. Like Rick said, so much to comment on. I plan on looking them over again and making comments when I'm not so busy.

BTW, I fricking love the Hulk/Roadblock custom! He looks like such a beast