Florence & the Hurricane


Here Comes the Boom!!!
Mar 14, 2011
We were concerned initially when the track looked more northern. As of yesterday or so, the track moved south (as predicted by my favorite maverick meteorologist a few days before) and the whole event is now making a huge C from south to north, around VA, most likely leaving us with no more rain than we've been getting all summer anyway (4th highest yearly rain totals on record so far). We actually uncancelled our weekend plans to get away, toward the coast no less.

My wife and I always joke about how excited the Weather Channel folks get any time a potentially major event comes along. They had been pushing this as a potential monster northern Cat 4 hurricane for almost a week already. (The storm was 1000+ miles from the coast, moving at 13 mph, when I first picked up on their "continuing coverage"). They had 15 or so people stationed all up and down VA, and the Carolinas, all droning about the extreme devastation they were expecting. I have gotten way to much joy out of watching them look less and less excited and resorting to phrases like, "this storm could still drop a lot of rain," as the Cat dropped down to 2 and the storm started breaking down and heading more southward. So sad.


"Big Guns"
Mar 14, 2011
On the river...
Yeah, they're just selling ads. And when the story gets less and less compelling, they have to constantly remind people of the dangers of lesser storms and the worst case scenarios that *could* still happen.

"Yes Jim, you have to remember, this could turn back out to sea, spin into a Category 6, travel around Florida, and hit New Orleans in the EXACT SAME PLACE AS KATRINA. That's not indicated by any model, historical context, or known laws of nature, BUT THESE STORMS ARE UNPREDICTABLE AND VERY DANGEROUS. WE MUST KEEP WATCHING!"