Happy 13th anniversary! Officer drive-thing-whatever


Mar 13, 2011
Southern California

Hurray! It's 2022 and this thing is still on :)

We've officially be around for more years than we have members! 13 > 12

Still no advertisers (except when they get through the spam filter), still no set or forced agenda about literally anything.. and still costs about $160/year to keep the lights on. (Feel like there's been some inflation going on here, thanks Biden!)

It is fully optional at this point, as it's not going to kill me, but I do like the idea of everyone having an equal part in keeping this crazy interweb experiment going on. If you'd like to help out, shoot me a private message for my Paypal (it hasn't changed since pre-forums for the record). Anyone who donates will get to be part of our "Officer Club" with a fancy pants private subforum.. some additional storage space.. and cool name coloring (and bragging rights obvy).

Thank you all who are still reading this for participating in our crazy online thing :)