Hasbro Shared Universe


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Aug 15, 2012
Behind a camera watching you!
Yesterday I had a few idea of things I'd actually like to see in a Hasbro shared universe. & how would I implement them if given the chance. 1st off the main focus would always be on the main movie for this example GI Joe 1 (Not related to previous movies) would be the stating point. What has gotten a lot of studios into trouble is trying to build up something while not having the foundations. So I would build a good solid Joe movie first, followed by a TF movie in the same world & add additional eliments naturally.

In the background have a painting or graffiti of an Inhumanoid. - Now its highly unlikely we will see a revised Inhumanoid movie/show, however the idea that one of the new inhumaniods is a giant red snake possibly nesting in the area of cobra island could be a really fun idea. & of course a good basis for some of the cult like behavior of a certain terrorist/illuminate style group.

I love easter eggs & would have no problems in a GI Joe movie referencing Gem, & other Hasbro products. Matt Tracker is a NSA/CIA agent who experimented with TF tech & formed MASK. with VENOM being a subsection of COBRA!!!!! (MASK total racing car movie like Fast & furious)

All this would lead up to a Transformers GI Joe crossover.