Hasbrotoyshop.com Sightings!


"Big Guns"
Mar 14, 2011
On the river...
Man, from the sound of it, their new "curated" site will be far different. And I don't know if it's "good different" or "bad different". I hope they stop selling the kiddie stuff that plagues every search. The site is nearly as bad as tru.com was, so hopefully they're investing in some new code that's actually usable.

The real question is, are they going to try and sell the high-volume stuff to compete with WM and AMZ, or are they sticking to the niche stuff that the other guys don't/won't carry? The word "curated" in their press release clearly implies that they're going to carry less stuff. I just hope it's products collectors would want with a way to actually find, order, and obtain it. A new website just to sell Mr Potato Head dressed like Spider-Man would be a waste of a redesign.

Hasbro already did the DTC thing in '04-05. I still have tons of it, some still unopened (and presumably pretty rare at this point). I wouldn't be opposed to new DTC stuff though.