I want that! So cool!


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Mar 14, 2011
this is poping up on my facebook feed so I am hesitent to buy it from said company. But I might bite. $50 lamp.

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It’s 100% a scam. Some dude made that over a year ago to display his $100 Lego Saturn V. I’ve been burned on FB by fuckers playing the same games with other stuff. They set up 30 sketchy web stores with like a dozen products each and then start blasting FB feeds with other people’s custom pics to lure in suckers. Watch the ads and I promise you see the name changes almost every time. Never buy a fucking thing from a FB ad unless you can go to google and find the legit product independently. Those assholes also like to mention how Paypal will refund you which is also a lie because they’ll send you something else that costs them $1 and them you have to mail it back to China on your own dime to get your money back.
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