Marvel Legends Ms. Marvel


Jun 21, 2014
That Figures: REVIEW: Marvel Legends Ms. Marvel

Final Thoughts
I resisted the Marvel Legends line for the longest time. To me they just appeared to be scaled-up versions of the Marvel Universe figures but at twice the price. But when I saw the Target-exclusive 3-pack on clearance (down to $25 from the usual $50) I figured I'd give the line a try. Really, at $8 a figure, I couldn't go wrong. And I'm happy to say my expectations were exceeded. But we're jumping ahead there, so let's turn our focus to Ms. Marvel.

Ms. Marvel is a great-looking figure. The sculpt is nicely detailed (at least for an iconic comicbook superheroine-style figure) with a particularly excellent head sculpt. The face detail is nice and the hair has a good, lifelike flow to it. It's good to see Hasbro doing a female figure head sculpt that doesn't look just like a guy with long hair and lipstick.

Sure, the articulation can ''break'' the figure's lines a little. I've never been overly keen on the cut-thigh joints and here they look very clumsy. For some reason the ''resting'' position of the thigh and the groin don't tally and, as a result, there's a bit of a clunkiness to it all. And you could say the same about the bicep/shoulder pieces but there's always a trade off between form and function and I'm fine with this compromise if it means we get a good level of articulation.

It's a real shame I couldn't capture some of her flying poses or more elaborate stances, are the figure looks great and allows you to do some really neat stances. I love the ankle rockers and they give her an amazing level of stability. I just wish I had a stand to help support them.

And yes, the paint app is a little variable but this is a minor point and you may well find a figure with a perfect app.

Overall, a great-looking, super-pose-able figure that certainly has me excited about Hasbro's figures again. It may be heresy but I'd love to see a GI Joe Legends line at this scale and with this level of articulation. But even if that never happsn, I'm certainly going to be picking up more from the Marvel Legends line-up.

A great example of Hasbro doing it right. Highly recommended even at full price.

That Figures: REVIEW: Marvel Legends Ms. Marvel