Marvel Legends Radioactive Man


Jun 21, 2014
That Figures: REVIEW: Marvel Legends Radioactive Man

There's really very little wrong with Radioactive Man. It could be argued that the clear green plastic makes him a little flat looking (due to the lack of any additional paint) and it ''looks weird'' because it exposes his joints or that he's missing a few accessories to really put him over the edge. And if you're not a fan of Silver Age characters - or indeed the design of the character - you'll probably not really get what the fuss is about.

But personally I'm really impressed with this figure. I have to admit he's not a character I'm overly familiar with (despite my love of classic characters) and maybe the semi-transparent plastic is clouding my judgement (me being the #1 Sucker for clear plastic toys) but I'm really very impressed with what's here.

Is he a character I'd pick up as a single-carded/boxed figure? I'm not really sure. But as a ''bonus'' figure packed alongside Ms. Marvel and Captain America then he's most definitely a toy I'm very happy to own. Indeed, whilst I don't really have a great connection to the character, the figure is a great-looking piece of design. I love the radioactive green plastic and the mini-dress - for all it's weirdness - is a fantastic bit of Sixties comicbookery.

Add to this a great sculpt and highly pose-able articulation rig and the results are a superb-looking, eye-catching figure that will look great battling your Thor or Captain America figures (even if the latter is from the wrong universe in this set.)

Overall, a great addition to an already great 3-figure pack. If you can track it down at a decent price then grab it, as you won't be disappointed.

That Figures: REVIEW: Marvel Legends Radioactive Man