Mythic Customs - "Dr. Mindbender" Custom GI Joe Figure


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Sep 19, 2018
Arizona, USA
I'm new to the sit (been meaning to join for a long time) so this is my first post here!

Dr. Mindbender stalks through the halls and labs of the Terror Drome in his white 'medical' labcoat/uniform, with his rank as the leading scientist for Cobra is proudly displayed and a pistol at his hip to deal with unruly experiments or slacking lab assistants.

I had always wanted a Dr. Mindbender that was more professional since the bare chest and cape just never did it for me. Then I remember the Dr. Mindbender v5 from the "Valor vs Venom" series and took my inspiration from that, along with various evil military scientists from a multitude of games and moves. I made sure this version had rank and distinction, with the shoulder epaulets, but kept him in a 'medical' white lab coat/uniform.

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