*NEW STORY* - Indiana Jones and the Mayan Secret!

Jun 2, 2011
And now for something completely different -

Hey, gang!

As my entry in a contest sponsored by The Indy Cast - the world's premiere Indiana Jones podcast - I have created this all new photonovel,

"Indiana Jones and the Mayan Secret." As part of the rules of the contest, we had to use that title, which was created by contest organizer and uber-customizer, the amazingly talented Ron Hemble.

So here is MY take on "Indiana Jones and the Mayan Secret." This is just chapter 1. Unfortunately, I only completed two chapters by the contest's deadline, but I will definitely be finishing this story. My plan is to try to post one chapter every 2 weeks for the next two months, for four chapters in total. (Roughly.) Chapter 2 is already finished, as well, but I will probably go back and shoot additional scenes to flesh it out, since I was a little pressed for time.

In any event, hope you enjoy this new PN!

Jun 2, 2011
Nice. Very well thought out, and I can imagine time consuming.
You have NO idea. :) But it was nothing compared to the hellish nightmare that was making Chapter 2.

Thanks very much.

Looking forward to chapter two. Great to see you work short round into it. I noticed the ny yankees symbol on the helmet after you told me about it over on the SSHQ board. :thumbsup:
Wow, thanks for commenting on TWO websites!

Yeah, the symbol is visible, but only if you really know to look for it. Oh, well!

Much obliged!!!
Jun 2, 2011
That was great. Too bad they died though, I really liked them.
We'll see..... :)

Very well done and very enjoyable. Thanks for sharing!

very well done! looking forward to next chapter!

Thanks for sharing!

Great Photos and Story

WOW!!! What an overwhelming response. Thanks to ALL of you for reading and commenting. VERY, VERY much appreciated.

This forum rocks.


Mar 6, 2014
Awesome story Lance!! Posted a more detailed critique over at Yakface, but wanted to chime in here and give you a nice pat on the back!!

Jun 2, 2011
Okay, what the heck? Really sorry guys, I just today discovered that the version of this first chapter I posted here was missing a full 15(!) frames!

Most of them concerned the discovery of the mysterious Mayan pillar and Sgt. Lee's wondering how it got there.

This ties in with the ending of Chapter 2, where Indy discovers similar pyramids in the German bunker....all of this sets up the plot which will continue to unfold in future installments.

In order to squeeze in the missing info, I dropped a few "non-essential" frames here and there.

Anyway, if you're interested in seeing how it all might fit together, I would suggest taking another quick look at this chapter, particular the middle section described above.

SORRY about the major oversight!!!!