October banner vote!

October banner vote!

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Not my picture, but those cops (not Gordon, he is Law) are from Toys R Us. True Heroes I think the line is called. I buy the 5 packs for $10 to get the heads, badges to carve off, and the police belts. I'm gonna buy the Firemen soon.

I see. I have seen these guys but the figs pictured look way better. I see why now. You're customizing them (EDIT: I guess the ones in pic aren't custom, but they are not front-and-center, so they look ok).

Awesome. I actually just bought the True Heroes firemen rescue Blackhawk, which I will convert to a military transport copter. Seemed cheaper than shelling out for one of the actual military style ones, which are expensive online—especially the beautiful ones by BBI (I think?).
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Feb 9, 2014
That's right Meddatron, those are the toys r us cops. Unfortunately, the toys r us lines tend to be a little- shall we say, monochromatic, so the cop rolling out the police tape is a custom using the head from a 2004 o-ring Stalker.

That is a bruder garbage truck (and garbage cans). Just a beautiful toy- really well made. Ideal for a "Dark Knight" inspired Joker vehicle.


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Jan 23, 2013
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The Halloween banner comp was a tie last year too. Seems to bring out the best in people. Congrats to the winners. More blood should have been a requirement.