Phoenix Comicon


Caution: Troll Ahead!
Mar 14, 2011
Plainfield, IL
Along with SDCC, St. Louis, and -maybe- Joecon if we'll have any members there that want to drop some intel on us, we're also getting our first look at Phoenix Comicon this year. From what I understand, PCC is one of the bigger conventions, though I'm not sure what's going to be there other than the usual convention fare.

Since I got a press pass, I should be able to score some interviews and pictures with some of the guests. If you'd like some input, take a look at who's going to be attending the show here:

Phoenix Comicon - Welcome

If there's anyone on there you'd like me to focus on, sound off in here and let me know. You're also welcome to submit some questions for me to ask on your behalf, should I manage to catch an interview or two.

I know we're full of our own brand of humor, but let's try and keep the questions somewhat serious. I don't want to inadvertently offend anyone, and also want to be able to attend the show with a press pass next year. ;)