Rare toys from Brazil


New member
Nov 21, 2018
I'm new in the group and I'm from Brazil.
I can offer any GI JOE, STAR WARS, MOTU, TRANSFORMERS, THUNDERCATS ,BATMAN, SUPERMAN AND OTHER FIGURES, VEHICLES, that are for sale on the Brazilian website: MERCADO LIVRE (a kind of Brazilian Ebay). Mainly rare ones made by Estrela and Glasslite in the 80's

-I buy the items from the ML sellers and receive all the toys in my brazilian address

-I do a unique parcel and ship to your country

-Just send me the links of the products you want to buy and after I return a full quotation including prices of the products+domestic shipping+international shipping+ small commission for my service.

If you have some difficult to find the links of the products or some doubts contact me