Terminator T-70 (T2 3D)


Turtlenap, Hanger Alpha
Mar 29, 2011
This is a sort of mix of the T-70 from the Universal Studios T2 3D ride and the T-600 from Terminator Salvation. This is part of the terminator "universe" I've been building.

The T70 was a prototype made by Cyberdyne to try and land government military contracts and was made prior to Judgement Day, and then pressed into service by Skynet once the war actually started.

The T600, in the Terminator Salvation story line, was created after the war had begun and was the first attempt (again, in that time line) to try and mimic the human form in order to infiltrate pockets of human survivors.

Both are large, semi humanoid looking constructs and both carry heavy weapons.

This was made using two different Iron Man figures and a cast head that's a copy of a Star Wars droid. The "gatling gun" is cobbled together from different bits and pieces. Heavily weathered to show it's age as being amongst the first Terminator units created.