The 2017-2018 Fighting 1:18th Officer Drive


Mar 13, 2011
Southern California

You know the drill.. :racist:

This site is completely paid for by the staff, and from donations by our members. We're now into our.. 8th? year on this green Earth! Lucky 8! This is the year the hobby is coming back, I can feel it!

... until then.. we'll keep kicking the can down the road and continue being a place where you can BS without the BS. :popcorn:

These are the benefits you get for becoming an Officer (Besides the warm fuzzy feeling inside!):

+ Our undying love and admiration for helping us be the last, best place to BS without BS![/B]
+ Exclusive Officer Club rank badge
+ Additional Private Message Space from 100 -> 250
+ Additional file hosting space from 30M to 100M
+ Unique color for username
+ Access to the Officer's Club Exclusive Forum
+ Access to the Officer's Club Exclusive PX Trading Post
+ And (hopefully) more...

As of right now, all the perks will be year-to-year donation dependent, so they will last until your subscription runs out*.

The price is $15 for the 2017-2018 year.

If you're interested in donating, please send me a PM through the site. Please do not use the form through the website, unless you'd really like to pay $350, then by all means, go ahead.


The donation period runs through December 31st, 2017.

A huge thank you everyone who helps out!

Video Viper!

* Note: The subscription period will still be yearly, but it's set to continue past that. All of last years Officers should still have full-access, without needing to donate again, it's more of a stat tracking number at this point.

** ALSO NOTE ** all existing Officer Club memberships will expire on July 1st of each year unless renewed, regardless of when you signed up.


"Big Guns"
Mar 14, 2011
On the river...
That's how I feel! :lmao:

Definitely slow on the draw this year. Haven't had time to even think about anything but work in the last couple of weeks. With dad down and my mom spending all her time at the hospital, the family business has been down to little old me and my part-time wife. I haven't worked this hard since I had a real job.


Fuck it, the pirates can have me! :pirate: