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Mar 14, 2011
Interesting how skewed it is. 67%! And Black gays are the biggest group within the group. It mentions that receiving anal sex makes you 13 times more likely to catch it.. so be the pitcher, not the catcher!

I knew it started as pretty much an exclusively gay thing in the 80s, but kind of thought it had branched out to be a more even distribution by now.. but I guess not.

I suppose having it be gay men makes sense though, twice as much "fuck anything that moves" going on.

I think it's more the refusal to use protection, even with the 30+ year campaign to get them to do so. You see the same shit in parts of Africa.
I'd be interested to know what those numbers would look like if you added "rough trade" and/or down-low/closet-case brothers. They gots da Package!



Mar 13, 2011
Southern California
Yeah, there is no excuse not to use condoms if you're a gay dude.. I mean, I get it, they're not the best, but if you have that high a risk of catching a deadly disease.. come on, man.

And G.I.*EDDIE .. some gays only do the "man" role, aka the pitcher, and some gays only like to do the "female" role and are only catchers. I think there is some weird mentalities going on that its not super gay to give, but not receive.. or something.

It's the bi's or closeted cases really suck.. the ones who do dudes on the side, but then go home and fuck their wife/girlfriend and then spread it around to all the normies.


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Mar 14, 2011
S.E. Mich :(
Well, the best part for us is the group with the lowest rate of aids...straight dudes! Even if we did plow an aids infected girl, the likelihood of us catching it is super low unless you've got an open wound on your wang.