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Mar 13, 2011
Southern California
There are so many things in English that make no sense when you stop to think about it.. it must be really hard to grasp for people not born into it. I saw a list somewhere of all the words with double or triple meaning and it's crazy! We never even think about it since it's 2nd nature.


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Mar 14, 2011
Yeah, it's crazy. I would imagine that a lot of them come from words brought over from other languages. I'm sure by this time that the 400 year Brit/American English world dominance has led to a ton of English words being melded into other languages. I know it's true with (South American) Spanish. And I'm sure there will be a number of Mandarin words entering world languages in the not so distant future as well.

All those pics are blocked at work which tells me Edwardo must be dredging the bottom of the web.
I wouldn't call Facebook/Twitter the "bottom" of the web... :p


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Mar 29, 2011
You know, I agree with part of that video above, but don't want males in general to me "feminized". Where do we draw the line?

A few weeks ago my middle son was being bullied and harassed at school. My wife and I tried everything we could think of, even falling back on some of that tired garbage my parents told me when I was bullied. "Just ignore them", "if they say something mean, tell a teacher", "if they say something mean, yell it back at them!". Needless to say none of it worked, partially because my son isn't an asshole and isn't the kind of kid to just be a jerk weather a kid asks for it or not. It came down to it that he did lash out and was yelling and screaming at the kids to stop. That was the last straw and at that point, I wanted blood, I wanted those little assholes heads on a pike.

So wife and I went in the next morning first thing and I really had to calm myself down. We talked to the principle, and she seemed genuinely interested and expressed at that bothered her. Later that day she contacted my wife to let her know the follow-up, but she couldn't tell use the details due to "privacy laws" we have no way of knowing what, if anything, was done. The one thing that had me really scratching my head was the principle brought all the kids involved together and had them sit down and talk about it! This kind of thing was unheard of back in my day and I really questioned it because before this, there was no way for the bullies to know how exactly it was that reported them and so, no way for them to retaliate. But my son said the principle asked him first if he wanted to do this and he was all for it!

I'm not sure how to feel about this, but so far there has been no retaliation against my son by these other kids. With all the garbage the schools spew about being "anti-bullying" and how they always seemed to fall far from following up on this, I still think they should have been nailed to the wall, but I guess if it works out that the kids leave my son alone, I guess I can't complain.
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Mar 14, 2011
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Whatever works, I suppose. Maybe teaching the bullies some empathy, rather than harshly punishing them, is better in the long run. But it's certainly not satisfying as a parent who wants vengeance for their kid.

My son is such a laid back quiet kid, I can't see anyone targeting him for anything, and crap just seems to roll off of him. And my daught is a take-no-shit empowered female who is 10-going-on-25, so I don't see her putting up with bully nonsense. But if one of my kids was seriously bullied, I'd want retribution from the administration. Then again, part of me would want the kids to sort it out themselves. It's such a fine line between teaching your kids to be self-reliant and passively watching them suffer.

I had a couple of bullies in elementary school. In jest, my dad told me to tell them to knock it off or I was going to kick them in the nuts. To his surprise, I actually did go off and tell them that, and it seemed to work.