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Mar 14, 2011
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Playing devil's advocate, the alternative is to let the gov't figure your taxes and trust them to do so accurately. I'm not sure I'm comfortable with just blindly letting them tell me how much to send in. I take that back, I know I'm not comfortable with putting it all in their "capable" hands.

However, as much as some people hate Trump and as much as they are complaining about the reforms (even when their taxes went down, wtf), he made things simpler. Now 90% of people are taking the standard deduction (as opposed to ~70% before), so tens of millions of people were spared the pain of itemizing. And while the coastal blue states are gnashing their teeth about caps on SALT deductions, many of them are not paying more overall because they are no longer paying AMT that they did before. I know the pass-through business reforms were a huge improvement for us. I'm just trying not to get used to them, as I know the Dems will uproot it all in '21.
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Mar 14, 2011
True that. No clue why it's not just something automatic. It really needs to be streamlined.
The tax code is what, 70,000 pages long? Of course it needs to be streamlined. As with most things, there are too many special interests involved to get us a flat tax, or a return you fill out in 10 minutes and is the size of a post card.