The Official Introduction Thread!


Mar 13, 2011
Southern California
Formerly Five W's and an H.

Who?: Paul aka NSA

What?: I'm an admin here! Part time collector, full time dictator.

When?: I'm 30.. not looking forward to the mid-30's (if the world makes it that long).

Why?: The 25th Anniversary Joes got me back into action figures, but the cheesiness did not sit well with me.. so I branched out into 1:18th scale stuff, but realized their figures sucked.. so I married the two together.

Where?: Encino, California, home of the Encino Man and Infinity Ward.

+H (whatever you want)

The How: I've got two boys, but neither of them seem much into action figures.. the older one is a Nintendo DS addict and the little guy likes trucks.. we'll see...


No Bucks No Buck Rogers
Mar 14, 2011
Who?: John aka ignorant_blanket

What?: moderator, collector, pill popper, and house husband

When?: 28 and not looking forward to my 30s

Why?: joes deserve better

Where?: Olathe, Kansas suburb of the big KC

How: gotta have something i can control in my life even if its little plastic men :)

The Ewokhunter

Crazyass Cracker
Mar 14, 2011
Who Mark AKA Ewokhunter92

What Moderator, stay home dad, mental but in denial. Collect Ghost Rider figures, Hummer hot wheels, 1:18/Joes, Star Wars and sex.

When 37 but who's counting, right? I can still use it.

Why Been collecting toys on and off since '93 when Marvel came out with the X-men line. Then in 95 when Star Wars got the revamp, it hasn't really stopped at all.

Where Pana, Il, smack dab in the middle of Illinois. Surrounded by fields. Thank god for internet ordering.

How Having OCD, I gotta have something to buy when I go places and toys fit the bill.

Mandingo Rex

Mar 14, 2011
Gone Baby, Gone
Who: Matt

What: Designer/Geek/Manchild

When: Born in The '82, Eddie's favorite year

Why: I was a collector even when I was a kid. I probably bought my last toy around age 12-14, and mostly bought comics until the end of high school. I got into cars around the time I got my license, and didn't even visit the toy aisle until after my girlfriend in college got me 25th Anniversary Optimus Prime, and I did a website catalog project in design school involving Joes, so I ended up eBaying quite a few vintage Joes to fill in the gaps in my collection. Then I got on a kick with TF Alternators, and saw the 25th Joe line mentioned on a TF board, and shit just snowballed from there. After losing my toy collection in a freak fire, I "replaced" my entire vintage collection with the new 25th versions, so that's why I'm especially fond of the line. Collecting turned to customizing, customizing turned to dios, which is where I'm getting my feet wet now... To be continued.

Where: Originally from North Carolina, I'm now in Silicon Valley.

How: Uh... How'd I come to this site? Eddie, after he stubbornly left HT after being banned, invited me. So blame him. You fuckers have gotten me started buying PTE pieces here and there for dioramas since I've been here, just when I thought my nerd spending was winding down with the 25th line coming in at a trickle. So much for closet space now. :)
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Size matters
Staff member
Mar 13, 2011

What: Pervert, ignorant, an AH and works a dead beat job. Like 1:18 scale items, hot springs and strippers in any order

When: 32 and full of tiger blood

Why: My homie bought me a 25th 7 pack for my birthday so of course I needed the good guys to fight them. It's been a downward spiral since. I was a video game junkie until then. Spent more time on Modern Warfare than I did sleep.

Where: Pennsyltucky born but now live 45 minutes from the bunny ranch in Lake Tahoe.

How: I just have a mutt. She is pretty much my shadow.

Came here with some of the bad kids. Mainly to BS with some of the cats I knew elsewhere that got axed but then found out the art of dioramas and PTE. Since then everywhere I bike and hike I try to figure how I could do a scene in spots on the trip. I have a sickness. Plus everyone is wayyyyyy down to earth here so it's a great hang out. Like the title says: "A place to BS without the BS".


Drunken Recon
Mar 15, 2011
Who?: Bigdaddyblue73

What?: An unemployed, unwanted waste of air.

When?: 37 going on 38, but not sure if i should bother

Why?: I quite literally have no one else to talk too.

Where?: PA.

The How: Bravestarr told me about the site. He probably regrets that now.
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Officer Club
Mar 14, 2011
Who: Darthdre758 aka Dre

What: Insurance specialist, and full time drunk

When: 32 going on 17

Why: Why? Why not?

Where: You know where Canada meets New York and Vermont? Right about there.

How: Found her from NSA on HT. Now, I usually don't even go there anymore.

I was a big Star Wars guy for the longest time. Was on Rebelscum for a while, when a couple of guys and I decided we didn't like having our hands slapped whenever we stepped outside of the 'nice box'. I started a small, free forum, and from there we decided if we were going to do it big. was born. Last year, I sold my part of it to two of the other admins.


Here Comes the Boom!!!
Mar 14, 2011
Who?: ThunderDan19

What?: Off and on Joe/modern 1:18 collector, shooter, gamer, family guy.

When?: (born) 36 years ago. Body feels like 40 in the morning, 20 in the evening, brain feels like 25 or less.

Why?: Collected some 1:6, 1:32 and McFarlane Military a while back. 25th Joes got me back into Joe and brought me to the Tank. Discovered BBI, Bravo Team and y'all along the way.

Where?: Born in PA, did time in Northern VA, settled in Central VA.

How?: Slither invited me over to the grown up pool back around the time many of us scored Vipers and Hornets a while back.


Caution: Troll Ahead!
Mar 14, 2011
Plainfield, IL
Who?: Ian aka XOC2008

What?: Stay at home dad, computer geek, small time 1:18/Joe scale collector.(Also carpenter, and many other facets of construction my back can't handle anymore.)

When?: 34, going on 35.

Why?: Gives me something to do.

Where?: Born in Pittsburgh, spent time in Mississippi, now entrenched in the hellhole that is Arizona.

How?: Frequented this place for a while and once stuff annoyed me enough at that other place I decided my time was best spent here where people don't get all butthurt over stupid shit.


A pirate's life for me!
Mar 14, 2011
Orlando, FL
Who?: Erik a.k.a. Beeavision

What?: Freelance artist/designer, worked in construction, woodwork/cabinet maker, Home Depot as a flooring specialist but also worked all the remaining departments too (loved using the forklifts), built sets for movies and theater. Modeled the Titanic for a television series that premiered on the Discovery channel. As of now I'm currently spending most of my time working in 2D and 3D on the computer for the most part.

When?: 29 but feel like a 12 year old.

Why?: Just for the hell of it.

Where?: Classified. If I told you I'd have to kill you.

How?: Been collecting ever since I came across the BBI F-18 Hornet on ebay over five years ago. Found this place three years later while Googling for pics on the news release over JSI releasing an F-14 in 1:18 scale.


gobbles a LOT of cock
Mar 14, 2011
S.E. Mich :(
Who?: Eddie/Edward/Mr.Ed or G.I.*EDDIE, duhhh

What?: been working as a union member for a Ford Motor Company warehouse for 15yrs this April...15 more to go! HAH!...good luck with that!

When?: 34 years old...and could care less...sorta like gas prices, it is what is...

Why?: used to "collect" everything when i was little, Joes, Superfriends, He-Man, SW, TFs, TMNT, 1:18th scale diecast i mainly focus on 25th Joes (ARAH updates) and realistic 1:18th vehicles...although, occationally, i will pick up something from another line if i really like it, and i have quite a bit of DCUC...

Where?: S.E. Michigan...i REALLY hate where i live...with foreclosures all over the place, the scum of the earth and cockroaches can now afford to be my neighbors...but me in an upside down mortgage, can't get out...i grew up here my whole life, and it USED to be nice....but the people with no respect for themselfs or anything else are slowing turning my once love hometown into festering wound of society...:(

How: found HT back in 2007 and lived and breathed GI JOE figures but not the vehicles...then Mr.Focus convinced me to get a couple things from the Monkey Depot sale and i was hooked on the real true 1:18th deal for my beloved ARAH inpired Joes...then i got an invite from Cold Slither and i quickly joined up...found myself spending more time here with the grown ups, and less time at HT with the BS here, no this place is my only home...
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Full of Tiger Blood
Mar 15, 2011
Detroit, MI
Who?: Duke

What?: Full time collector. Star Wars, GI Joe, Marvel, other Misc 1:18 stuff.

When?: 1980, the same year the US kicked Russia's ass in the Olympics. Coincedence? I think not.

Why?: Cause I'm still a little fucking kid who likes his action figures.

Where?: Just outside of Detroit, MI.

How: DarthDre told me about this place, but it was the Internet that got me here.


Magnificent Bastard
Mar 18, 2011
Who?: Edgar AKA: loadedtomcat, SpartanZip09 (XboxLive)

What?: I'm a PL stationed at Ft Hood. I prefer more realistic 1:18 and dabble in the 1/6

When?: 27, which makes it less weird I guess.

Why?: Why, no there is no 'why'

Where?: Killeen TX

The How: Missed ARAH toys, and was probably trying to fill a whole in my heart from a lost (now replaced) figure that ended up being from Visionaries.


Mar 15, 2011
South of Atlanta---North of Macon
Hey yall!!!
WHAT---Gun collector,Diorama builder,Drinker, WW2 buff, and all around 1 hell of a Man!!!:D
WHEN---35 pushin' 70
Why---I use to collect/play with Joes when I was a kid . I got back in to collecting when 21stC came out in early 2000!!! I really didnt get into it untill 21stC came out with their U.S.Marines.Thats when I started doing dioramas and such.
WHERE---Born and raised in a rural area in East Tennessee,but live in the big city of Atlanta,Ga now.
HOW---I was a long time member at SSHQ and found my way over here some how. I liked that the site had a Diorama section and guys that liked to build dios too. Nice to know that Im not the only one.;)


Commander in Chief
Who?: Gary aka Cmderinchief (but please call me Gary, everyone else does).

What?: Been involved in the online community since the Usenet newsgroups. Frequented GPXD back in the day. TNI is listed as my first full-time online home, but have since moved on. I am a moderator or contributor to other Joe community sites. Been to 11 Joe conventions, two of which was the Canadian Conventions. When not dealing with 1:18th scale (and some 1/6th stuff), I am a father and husband. Professionally I am in the Information Technology field as a Systems Engineer for a software company.

When?: 37

Why?: Been collecting Joes toys and comics since '82. Started picking up 21C and BBI stuff about 2003.

Where?: Near Indianapolis, Indiana

The How: Known about the site since a guy on the street outside of the KC Convention hotel during the Para drop asks me if I ever heard of this new website called the Fighting 1:18th. Been meaning to sign up for a while.
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Molon Labe!
Mar 15, 2011
Who: Bravestarr (my friends know my name)

What: Soldier, proudly serving in the world's greatest Army. Going on 11 years this August...

When: 33 years old, and not upset about it. I actually am a weirdo because I like my 30s. It's a more refined time in my humble opinion. Besides, many women in their 20s prefer men in their 30s, so keep that in mind, brothers!

Why: I have been into GI Joe since I got my first "straight arm" Snake Eyes figure in 1982, MOTU since 1983 and Transformers since 1984 (Starscream and Ratchet being the first two robots among many since). Those are the "Big Three" for me, and I have never looked back. I even stuck things out with GI Joe during the horrific "Neon 90s," and even have some of the MSG Savage figures in my collection as well. Like many of you, I was also into comics during their heyday in the 80s and 90s, and particularly enjoyed reading the team-ups of Punisher/Darkhawk/Wolverine/Ghost Rider. Also really liked the Batman/Predator and Robocop/Terminator series. I really was a huge fan of "Punisher: War Journal."

When I went away to college, Dad threw some of my bigger stuff away (Terror Drome, Mobile Command Center, etc), but thankfully he never threw away the original figures so I still have those.

I also got into 1:18 stuff when 21st CT started releasing all kinds of cool stuff like the Vietnam era UH-1 and Patton tank.

During the 1:6 explosion of 2000, I got into those figures and vehicles as well. Still am a huge fan of Dragon WWII stuff, especially the German figures.

Where: Currently in Afghanistan, but should be returning to the USA very soon. Am really looking forward to being at home again.

How: Uh... How'd I come to this site? That rascal NSA invited me over after he found me on ebay account after I was banned by a certain web$ite for my shenanigans with the moderator$ there. I have since reached out to other friends at that certain web$site to help them realize we can have a website that really is about the stuff we know and love: Hot women, cool toys, fast cars, great movies, etc....

To me, this site is where Maxim Magazine, General Patton and Star Wars exist in an almost perfect sense of balance.


Solo Operative
Who?: Dave

What?: Indie Label Co-Owner and music manager

When?: 36

Why?: Been a fan of Joe since I saw Clutch and the VAMP on the shelf at a local hardware store in 1982. Got out in '88. Then back in in '02. And here I am.

Where?: Memphis, TN

How?: Heard about the site for a while, but after uh... "bull dookie" (Seems like some are here for the same reason.) at another site, Major Blood and Monkeywrench invited myself and Mermaniel over here.


Mar 16, 2011
Who?: John (the Legoguy)

What?: Was a Laser Engineering Specialist, now a full-time at home dad since DARPA killed the project I was working on. Occasional artist extraordinaire and ex-USAF AC-130 maintenance troop.

When?: 34 rolling in on 35

Why?: Loved GI Joe when I was a kid. Mom sold toys away when I was a youngin' to help get by after a nasty divorce. Got back into 1:18/Joes when my now bro-in-law bought me a BBi Blackhawk for xmas in like 2003(?). Also have about 80-85 lbs of Legos(hence the name) and currently collecting Mc-Haloz.

Where?: Lowell, Ma ...da hood

How?: Someone invited me from the un-named site to come over and take a look. Now, I don't even know if the other one exists anymore.


For the Emperor!
Mar 27, 2011
Black Mountain N.C.
Who? Terry

What? Beer Drinking Toy geek. 1:18th scale fan boy. Home improvement Guru. Former Field Artillery Surveyor. Big guns go Boom! little guns go to the 82nd.

When? 34

Why? Rabid G.I. Joe fan. Addicted to action figures and vehicles in 1:18th scale.

Where? Black Mountain North Carolina.

How? Was invited by friends from that other site. Instantly hooked.

cold slither

Hair Farmer
Mar 14, 2011
Atlantic City, NJ
Who?: Justin "Cold Slither"

What?: Guitar player. Toy store owner. Plastic crack addict. Hair Farmer.

When?: 36 going on 15.

Why?: Dad was a Vietnam vet in the 101st Airborne and he was my idol so I loved all things military. He bought me my first Joes in '82 and I pretty much had everything ever released up to about '88 when I discovered music. The toys went into the attic and I got my first guitar.
Fast forward through a crazy life to 2007 when I saw the first wave of 25th anniversary Joes. I bought Snake Eyes on a whim and figured he needed at least 5 Blue Shirts to fight.

Where?: Atlantic City, NJ

How?: A short while after I resumed collecting Joes I found this really awesome Apache helo in a local Goodwill for like $5 bucks. When I got home I started a thread on "a certain website" asking who knew about these amazing 1:18 scale military vehicles. Well.. it turned out a lot of cool people either collected them or wanted to collect them... This forum is a direct result of that thread. We were catching slack and tiring of the crap over there and some inspired guys decided it was time to BS without the BS. My hats off to those guys.

(Does that thread still exist over there?)
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Zero Killer
Mar 14, 2011
Tukwila WA, USA
Who?: Robin... Yes, as in Robin Hood and I'm a dude!

What?: Owner of RnR Auto Works. I make sick and ugly cars happy

When?: A long time ago, in a city not so far away, in Seattle back in 1981... Crap, I'm getting old!

Why?: I like being a kid still... and I'm still single.. (wonder why)

Where?: A place called Tukwila, but since no one gives a crap about it, Seattle WA...

How: A small banner from NSA on Hisstank...

Big Jim

Thread Derailer
Mar 15, 2011
Occupied PRK
Who?: Jimi

What?: Full time student, work part time for TRU and odd jobs for friends and family.

When?: 1982 Same as the joes

Why?: Its fun

Where?: Across the bay from beautiful San Francisco

How: From Cold Slither's BBi thread on that other site. Lurked here for a loooong time and signed up like 3 weeks before the crash. Tried to log in one day and found out what happened and decided to become active.


its for your own good
Mar 14, 2011
who?: mike
what?:dad,joe /starwars collector,sifi/action fan
why:? dont know really? just allways have
where?: holly springs N.C.
how?: my lame ass brother invited me (firefly76 aka samcro)


odd man out !!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mar 15, 2011
blasdell ny
Who?: Xhairs

What?: collector of joes and TF the classic line only on TF and customizer

When?: 31yr toys R us kid ill never grow up

Why?: i have been a fan of joes and TF since i was a kid got back in to joes with JVC and when spytroops hit i started customizing agin i played around with it when i was younger taking parts from this one and that one to make a cool one lol. i was a completest till roc hit then i stopped and now i only buy what i like. well then TF classic line came out and i started buying them and did a few customs with those but it costs way to much to customize them lol

Where?: buffalo ny home of the sabers and bills(witch suck). snow and most famous for the Lackawanna Six terrorist cell.

How? better then doing drugs or being a alcoholic lol.


I am what I am
Apr 19, 2011
York, Pa
Hello all, Was reffered by darthdre758 to check this site out. I spent 8 years in the US Army Reserves during the 90's. I am an avid collector and custom maker. I do figures but I like to do Dio's more. Been doing this for about 9 years now. greatest hobby I have ever gotten into to. I frequent Banthaskull, CustomFigureWars, SlayerDesignStudios, and JoeCustoms. I look forward to searching around, learning new ideas, and meeting new great people who love what I love to do. See ya out there.


Mar 14, 2011
Who: Rick Wheeler

What: Construction sales and sales management.

When: 42, won't be long before I go from Rick to Dick

Why: Well as a kid I was into 1/72 scale figs that came in a box and would paint them along with planes, tanks and other armor along with HO trains where I would build dios along with the model buildings. Got out of it when I found chicks, beer and sports until just over a year ago when I went to buy a buddy of mine's kid an action figure. I just stared at all of them and then the rest is history. It allows me to be my own movie producer. Love it

Where: New England, East Boston area. The Town bitch

How: After buying my first toy (ROC Cobra Gunship) and then seeing the 1:18 Bravo guys I would search sites like Foxholetoys where I was amazed at the dio section (they actually posted 3 or 4 of my early dios, still there today), small Joes and Hasbro and eventually came across this site. It was the only forum I belonged to for 6 or 7 months. Only joined one other site; Joedios.
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Resident Jarhead
Mar 14, 2011
Old Dominion
Who: Matt

What: Marine Reservist and DC worker-drone.

Why: Born 1983, somehow received Joes at a ridiculously early age. Bought them as a young 'un 'till '94. Discovered the 25th and in turn the online Joe community. PCS found me wandering around and invited me here before the first crash. Enjoyed the bar atmosphere and stuck around.

Where: Baltimore to DC most of the time.

How: Recently discovered that Joes could become model kits in the form of customs. It's become a neat hobby that I THOUGHT would be less expensive than 1/72 scale aircraft modeling. Boy, was I mistaken.


Deuce Deuce
Staff member
Mar 14, 2011
Who: Ron

What: Wireless Telcom Analyst

Why: Born in 75’ and was the perfect age for Joe and Transformers when they hit. I moved from Seattle to Kansas during the summer between 6th & 7th grade and basically walked away from toys and jumped into computers & videogames to cope with the trauma of losing my childhood friends. Somewhere around 2003 I discovered the TF Alternator’s line Smokescreen and a 20th Anv Prime on clearance for $25 and was instantly filled with nostalgia of happy times running thru the woods of Redmond, Wa. I was hooked. I snatched a few Robotech figures and a Battleship Yamato while continuing to collect Alts and MP’s, but everything was robot/space related. Then came 25th Joes. They had a single thread at TFW2005 covering the new Joes that I participated in and that sprouted into Hisstank. The original box sets hit and I made the mistake of looking at them in the toy aisle. It’s been downhill from there. :rolleyes:

Where: Kansas City

How: I was told being on the management team here would not affect my marriage or personal life. Seriously doubt NSA would dare repeat those infamous words. ;)


Apr 23, 2011
Raleigh, NC
Hey guys, I'm Greg. Darth Dre referred me to this site. I'm a big collector of Star Wars and a little bit of GI Joe, mostly the Pursuit of Cobra stuff. I don't have the talent for customizing or dio-building, but I LOVE looking at pictures of people's creations. I look forward to commenting on the many fine creations that I have seen posted here, and also talking a bit about Joe toys.