The Official Introduction Thread!

Sep 2, 2018
Tampa, FL
Who?: You can call me Jimmy. It's not my real name, but it's good enough.

What?: Idealistic millennial. Went into Law Enforcement, did that for a bit. Didn't like the culture of the agency I worked at. Have since gone back to graduate school and job hunting.

When?: 1991. Yes, I'm young. I have "old" tastes. I hate most people my age.

Why?: Originally I came here for custom figures and photonovel/figure comic type stuff. The community is nifty.

Where?: Sunshine State. Land of face eating and God's waiting room for old people. My county is full of methamphetamine and bad choices.

How: Kind of the same reason as why. This is what I do for fun in addition to cosplay. Which I'm very good at.


Mar 13, 2011
Southern California
Formerly Five W's and an H.

Who?: Paul aka NSA

What?: I'm an admin here! Part time collector, full time dictator.

When?: I'm 30.. not looking forward to the mid-30's (if the world makes it that long).

Why?: The 25th Anniversary Joes got me back into action figures, but the cheesiness did not sit well with me.. so I branched out into 1:18th scale stuff, but realized their figures sucked.. so I married the two together.

Where?: Encino, California, home of the Encino Man and Infinity Ward.

+H (whatever you want)

The How: I've got two boys, but neither of them seem much into action figures.. the older one is a Nintendo DS addict and the little guy likes trucks.. we'll see...
Wow this is outdated..

Who?: Paul aka NSA (Still the same!)

What?: I'm an admin here! Part time hoarder, full time dictator.

When?: I'm 38.. not looking forward to the 40's (if the world makes it that long).

Why?: Collected toys for a bit, packed them away, and am too scared to sell them off. So there they remain, and here I remain, like some sort of beyond-the-collecting avenging angel.

Where?: Ventura County, California.

The How: Kids don't really care about toys much and there isn't much on the shelves, and most of my collection is "too expensive" to let them play with. A crappy Catch-22!


Number 2
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Mar 14, 2011
Just wait until Gen Z hits their 20’s and then you’ll understand why X rolls their eyes at Millenials. My 12yr old cannot even remember to turn in her homework after being bolted to the table until it is confirmed by me to be complete. This country needs a good world war complete with draft to undo the softening and lack of personal responsibility we are witnessing with each new generation.


"Big Guns"
Mar 14, 2011
On the river...
Who?: You can call me Jimmy. It's not my real name, but it's good enough.
Welcome not-really-Jimmy. Sounds like you'll fit in nicely.

I'm sure I did this once before, but it's probably out -of-date:

Who?: Rob
What?: Engineer turned small business owner who's inner 10-year-old is alive and well.
When?: I delineate age via the NASCAR counting system. This year I'm Richard Petty. Next year, I'll be half of Dale Jr.
Why?: Collecting toys and comics is cheaper than drugs, gambling, alcohol, golf, or chasing women you aren't married to.
Where?: East TN
The How: Been collecting toys and comics since the early Reagan administration. Quit in my teens because of girls, cars, and college. Got back into both around '04 when I had a house, disposable income, free time, and the release of MP-01. The kids don't care, but my little museum makes me smile every day. In this world, that's nothing to sneeze at.


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Mar 14, 2011
Guess it’s my turn for a refresh.

Who: Ron
What: Engineer for big brother. We know everything about your life.
When: Past my half life
Where: KC suburbs on the rich side of the state line.
Why: Toys make drugs so much more fun. Takes you right back to your childhood eyes.
How: I didn’t pick up adult collecting until I saw Transformers Alternator Smokescreen on my way home from work at midnight. The next weekend I found MP-01 (not the gay DVD version) in the clearance section of the same Walmart for $25 and the rest is history. GI Joe did their 25th thing which led me to find these deranged adults and now I’m full circle with practically no 1:18 figs or vehicles, but an impressive LEGO and Masterpiece Transformers display. Probably should have skipped the whole 1:18 and bought myself more firearms or a motorcycle, but then I wouldn’t have Internet friends of over 10yrs.
Likes: NSA


Here Comes the Boom!!!
Mar 14, 2011

Who?: ThunderDan19

What?: Off and on Joe/modern 1:18 collector, shooter, gamer, family guy.

When?: (born) 36 43 years ago. Body feels like 40 45 in the morning, 20 in the evening, brain feels like 25 or less.

Why?: Collected some 1:6, 1:32 and McFarlane Military a while back. 25th Joes got me back into Joe and brought me to the Tank. Discovered BBI, Bravo Team and y'all along the way.

Where?: Born in PA, did time in Northern VA, settled in Central VA.

How?: Slither invited me over to the grown up pool back around the time many of us scored Vipers and Hornets a while back.
Welcome aboard!
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