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Mar 13, 2011
And how exactly does a child see that in a room full of stalls or in the vast majority of public bathrooms which are single serve?
That is my thinking.. I hate overreaction almost more than the original nonsense.

Women's bathrooms don't have urinals (that I know of), so there isn't exactly a high % chance a dick will be whipped out for every Tina, Marie, and Mary to see. I do think the whole gender thing is mostly ridiculous, but the bathrooms argument is so far down there on real issues I don't get why it gets so much traction.

As a straight dude I don't think I'd want to go in a women's bathroom.. there is nothing sexy about a bathroom.

Trans/Gay/Straight.. people can all be creeps and perverts, if they're acting that way, throw the book at them. I wouldn't consider the proper use of the facilities to fall under that argument though. If a tranny was at the sink, or whatever, and flopped her big ol' donky dick on the counter or was jerking off or something while other people and kids were trying to use the bathroom.. absolutely arrest that person. I have to think 99.999% of the time though people will just be using the bathroom because they have to use the bathroom.


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Mar 14, 2011
You're right in asserting that the whole gender confusion/bathrooms issue is ridiculous nonsense. It's a complete waste of time, and below the intelligence of most people. But our friends on the left decided (as usual) to bow to the confused and make it a mandated social issue in public schools and the like. And some retailers decided to make a public stance of it (to the detriment of their bottom line - Target) and thus caused people to have to take a side on something so asinine.

Frankly, I'm annoyed that I even have to weigh in on it at all, and this is one of many reasons I will never vote for anyone on the side that promotes such foolishness. And, (despite the locked down media) there are plenty of documented cases of perverts taking advantage of the new bathroom "freedoms," so we can put away the anecdotal "it'll never happen" argument. Pervs are gonna perv. No need to make it easier on them.
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Mar 14, 2011
S.E. Mich :(
Pervs are gonna perv. No need to make it easier on them.
That is where I am as well. Why make it easier? Why make it easier for some young girl to even have to deal with that? I know I certainly wouldn't want a daughter of mine seeing a dude in the restroom, perving out or not.

And that is just another reason why I don't want children. I have no interest in subjecting them to the degeneracy that we are forced to live with. To the degeneracy that will only get worse.