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Canadian Joe Con 2012

This last weekend in Toronto Canada,  the 2012 Canadian Joe Convention was held.  Officer member Charade attended the Convention and has brought back Intel to the states.  Here is a quote from Charade on Hasbro: The biggest disappoint was the lack of Hasbro Canada. They were scheduled for a panel near the end of the day, but reportedly they cancelled that about a week ago. According to the CJC administrators, Hasbro Canada pulled out due to a corporate-wide policy of minimizing the dissemination of information to the public for the immediate future. Supposedly, this is because of delay of the Retaliation movie, which disrupted their original plans for Joe’s future. The CJC staff told us that, while Hasbro International re-evaluates the future strategies for G.I. Joe, contact between Hasbro and the public will be minimal. Hasbro did show up to the CJC ... Read More »

Zellers (Canada) to get HISS scout and Cycle armor

Thanks to the guys at joecanuck.com for posting this news. Zellers in Canada will be getting the Cycle armor and HISS scout at retail and it may be there soon. Hasbro Canada said that thanks to fan support they got them to go for the vehicles. Now this obviously does not affect us here in the states (right now) but could they  possibly  make it to retail here and if they did would they be welcomed? “Just got word from Hasbro Canada that due to the fan outpouring and feedback on these units, Zellers has stepped up to the plate and ordered them! That’s right – The HISS Scout and Cycle Armour have left Hasbro’s warehouses and are en route to a Zellers near you! Look for them to arrive within the next little while. So, we said our piece, ... Read More »