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SDCC 2013: Wed-Thurs Gallery

Forum Moderator Mandingo Rex was another of our ‘boots on the ground’ and has been snapping pictures left and right. Rather than pick everything apart, I thought I would go ahead and upload his full two-day gallery here for your viewing pleasure. Word of warning, there are a lot of pictures, they are big, and they are high resolution. We hold no responsibility for the feelings of awesome these pictures may elicit, but you have been warned! Hit up the pictures on page 2! Read More »

SDCC 2013: Day 1 News

Day 1 begins as it has in the past. A hangover from preview night, long lines, and the realization that you are standing there and that you, the SDCC patron, are not a morning person. News was rather slim pickings last night. Even though there was a good bit to see, much of it in the 1:18th scale was of things we’ve already seen. That leaves us hopeful that there may be more revealed as the weekend progresses, and also doubtful that we’ll see anything good, if the much lauded preview night gave us so little to look forward to. More news on page 2! Read More »

SDCC 2013: Preview Night News

That’s right, it’s SDCC 2013, and it’s Preview Night! Well, it will be, once everything opens up and gets under way. That’s not the point! We have the night’s schedule off SDCC’s page, and we’re bringing it to you. This is the current list of events, starting tonight at 6PM. There may be alterations and changes made throughout the day, as well as additional news that NSA and/or Mandingo Rex may provide throughout the day and into the night, so as we get more news, this article will be updated to reflect it! So keep checking back! Check out the schedule thus far on page 2! Read More »