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November Banner Contest

It’s that time of the Month again! Wait.. what? Oh.. right.. The theme for the November Banner Contest is No One Left Behind Here is a quote from Banner Contest runner Major Blood: “This months theme will be getting the injured to safety.  This can be by dragging, helping them with multiple people, carrying on their shoulders, even on a stretcher if wanted.  Basically, it has to be showing the injured getting saved one way or another.” The Monthly Banner Contest has been one of the most successful and favorite features here on the Fighting 1:18th.  The contest started on our original site before the infamous crash of 2011.  For those that are new to the contest,  it’s very simple.  A forum member can submit a dio picture entry into the contest.  Towards the end of the month we place all the photos ... Read More »

Member Highlight – Footloose

Here at the fighting 118th we appreciate all the great pictures and customs that everyone shares with the site. To say thank you we do a member highlight on occasion to showcase a member’s work. Footloose is the most recent member that has been chosen. You have probably seen his Z-wars action figure comic and also the thread that he shares his pictures with (along with the “one shot” thread). So from the 118th staff, we’d like to thank him for bringing his work over and taking the time to share some info with us. Following are a few questions that I had sent for a little insight on what got him into dioramas and photography.   Name:  John Patterson Location:  Sarasota, Fl Q: What got you into photography? A: Honestly I just picked up my camera one day and ... Read More »

G.I. Joe Club Footloose Review

Why on earth such a generic character has been on my “25th wish list” since the G.I. Joe 25th Anniversary line launched back in 2007, I’ll never know. Footloose is dated, he’s a third-tier character at best, and he’s almost as generic as Grunt is (and I hate Grunt). It likely has to do with his character in the Sunbow cartoon. Often teamed up with the likewise goofball team of Bazooka, Alpine and Quick Kick, the probably-a-pothead-although-he-was-never-explicitly-defined-as-a-pothead Footloose bumbled his way through battles with his bazooka and the munchies. He had a giant pillar crash on him in the episode closing credits. Not the most reliable soldier. So why did I want him in my modern collection so badly? No idea, to be honest. But I just did. And since he’s a fairly generic figure made from easily-reused/reusable parts (pretty ... Read More »

Footloose is Shipping

The G.I.Joe Club has announced that they have started shipping their exclusive Free  Membership Figure already.  If you signed up for a Club Membership before the extended March 23rd deadline,  you will see your Exclusive Figure before the end of May.  Below is a quote from the Club’s Email: “SURPRISE! This week we started mailing the FREE membership figures for 2012! We were able to get these manufactured much earlier this year, so off they go to you! It will take several weeks for them to reach all of the membership, so please be patient. If you don’t receive your figure by the end of May, please let us know.”   The Club has had a rough couple months,  however it appears that they are getting back on their feet with the recent news of  the inclusion of the Oktober ... Read More »