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Custom Jada Halo 4 Warthog by pcsguy88

  When McFarlane toys gave us a Warthog, we were pleased that we had something that worked with our Halo figures, but the scale variance between our 1:18th figures and the Halo toys was off-putting. Many of us yearned for Halo toys that would fit in more with our 3-3/4 figures and vehicles. Sure, we could drop our Joes into the McFarlane Warthog, but it looked terrible, like you put your kids behind the wheel of your Humvee and told them to “look natural”. Natural, it was not.   Jada toys decides to throw us collectors a bone with a new Warthog(which they are releasing in a “pre-dirtied” version as well.) Forum staffer pcsguy88 took this offering and made his own weathered version, and as you’ll see from the images he took, much more suitable for your 1:18th scaled figures. ... Read More »