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Check out this great PMC custom by TR1ER, a commission piece that is in no way lacking in detail and that dash of realism we enjoy! Read More »

Tigerstripe Camo Customs by Marine Deadpool

  I figured since forum member Marine_Deadpool has been busy pumping out tigerstripe camo’d customs, I felt that they all deserved some time in the spotlight, and what better way to share in the glory than to be presented all at once? For me, MD’s work shows such an extreme, intricate level of detail. The paint looks factory fresh, and all those painstaking brushstrokes have resulted in some beautiful, awe-inspiring work. I’ve brought a few pictures to the front to draw the eye, but to see the rest and join the discussions, you’ll just have to follow the links in their names! Falcon:                   Claymore:                   Flint:                   Big Brawler:             ... Read More »

Meet Raz by Rick

  “Born in the USA son of Israeli diplomats, Raz moved back to Israel while in High School and eventually served in Mosaad, Israels intellignece community. While in the IDF he was an elite urban sniper. There is a $1,000,000 bounty on his head. Since the Wars began Raz has returned to the US re-uniting with some of his childhood friends who were sons of Military brass assisting them with the CIA and SAD divisions in searching out Middle Eastern Operatives in the USA.” So ends the brief backstory of Raz, a custom figure created by forum member Rick. And, as usual, he does not disappoint. Paint work is flawless, giving a great example of how to apply a real world look to an action figure. It’s hard to tell that the dirt and dust is, yes, actually paint, and ... Read More »

Custom PTE Blackhawk by Fled74

They say you can’t polish a turd, and yet, it has been proven factually incorrect at least twice, now(But quite likely, more often than that.) The Mythbusters proved it by literally polishing a turd, and now forum Officer Fled74, with his polished and pristine custom of the PTE Blackhawk, has done the same! Honestly, it’s hard to see any redeeming qualities in some of PTE’s offerings. While a good many are close to scale, others are so glaringly underscaled that it almost hurts to look at them. While Fled74‘s version is still underscaled, through a long and dedicated process he turned it from a hunk of cheap plastic into a fantastic piece that many of us would be proud to display in our collections, especially for those of us who don’t have the room or cash for one of the ... Read More »

MGS3 Snake by Marine Deadpool

Forum member Marine Deadpool delivers another knockout punch courtesy of his latest custom, MGS3 Snake! Now, I am mostly unfamiliar with the MGS series of games, but don’t tar and feather me just yet! After some research to find some in game images to make comparisons, it looks to me like Marine Deadpool has created a fairly accurate representation of the game character, and we’re glad that he’s decided to share this with us here at the Fighting 1:18th! “Here is my take on MGS3 Snake. I used a mix of Tamiya and Testors Model Masters Acrylics. The Tamiya was used for camo, Testors for flesh color.” The parts breakdown are as follows: – SDS Snake head with sculpted bandanna – 25th Viper/Mutt Torso – 25th Viper Upper arms – Resolute SE Lower arms and hands, sculpted modified gloves – ... Read More »

Tripwire EOD by Wry1

A lot of time and creativity goes into forum member Wry1’s customs and artwork, and Tripwire is no exception. What Wry1 has created and shared with us at the Fighting 118th, is a very realistic, modern military themed EOD expert that meshes perfectly with the more up-to-date collections and offerings out there at retail. The parts chosen are the perfect building blocks for the sculpting over top, turning this figure from what seems a complete mish-mash, into what I consider an artful masterpiece. The colors work well and seem to be spot on with what you’d expect out of a real-world EOD, successfully giving Tripwire a modern day representation, rather than the sorry 25th anniversary homage we got. Here is the before-sculpt recipe as stated by Wry1 himself: Helmet – Ace helmet turned backwards, Pit Commando face shield, various fodder, ... Read More »

Delta Operatives by Obi-Shinobi

Forum member Obi-Shinobi has done it again!  He recently shared his Delta Recon Operatives with the forum. This 4 man squad sports a very realistic vibe that resonates well with the Fighting118th.  The team was completed by using a wide variety of parts including the fan favorite Pursuit of Cobra Shock Trooper.  Obi-Shinobi has always been willing to share his fantastic customs and we can’t wait to see what he has planned next. Here is the Recipes: Heads – random masked styles Torsos – shock trooper Arms – ST and desert Duke/Ripcord Hands – ST and Ret SE Legs – ST and Dusty Weapons – modified Bravo, BBI, and Hasbro Helmets – Bravo Gear – ST vests with added various pouches, and Ret SE vest Packs – Bravo, BBI   You can enjoy individual photos of the team and the full gallery on Page ... Read More »