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Joe Con 2013 Preview

We have the first preview of the 2013 G.I. Joe Convention set and so far it's pretty underwhelming. The first 3 figures that have been released are all part of the Cobra Demolitions team. Read More »

Joe Con 2013 Update

The G.I. Joe Convention brochure is now online.  The brochure has everything you need to know about the Convention including the special guests and attractions. The most important information in the brochure is the 2013 Box Set.  For the first time this year we have confirmation on exactly what figures will be in the set.  You can check out Nocturnal Fire below: Night Force Joes: Charbroil Hit N Run Muskrat Physche Out Repeater Spearhead with Max Cobra Demolitions Team: Mortal(leader) Letal Crimson ASP(new Female character) Cobra Frag Vipers x 3 Cobra SAW Vipers x 3 Here is a quote from the brochure: This fan favorite and highly requested team contains several of the classic Night Force members and some new additions available for the first time in the modern era 25A style.  Each of these great teams comes with their classic weapons, ... Read More »