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Spartan Joe by Obi-Shinobi

Forum Member Obi-Shinobi recently shared his custom “Spartan” Joe with us.  Obi-Shinobi is well respected in the 1:18th customizing community and he’s known for his non military customs on Fighting118th.  He surprised us with his Halo inspired soldier.  As forum members were trying to figure out the recipe,  Obi graciously shared the wide variety of parts used to make this fantastic custom. Head – Ret Joe trooper Torso – Slayer “Mech Hunter” Upper arms – Roc accelerator Lower arms – SW Republic Commando Hands – Roc accelerator Upper legs – Roc accelerator Lower legs – IM2 War Machine (knee pads removed) Chest rig – Ret Zartan gear (trimmed) Front pouches – Bravo Team Back grenades – Ret Cobra trooper gear (trimmed) Assault rifle – Ret Joe trooper (modified with Marauder scope, and some SW blast effect)   Visit Here to discuss Obi-Shinboi’s custom Spartan ... Read More »