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Henschel & Son Tiger I Heavy Tank

A 1:18 scale Tiger I Heavy Tank review? Didn't we do that already you might ask. Well, yes and no. We have already reviewed 21st Century Toys "Eastern Front" Tiger I, which you can read Here. This review is for the brand new JS International version of the Tiger I Heavy Tank, though it uses the same base tooling as the previous version. The 21st Century Toys version was one of the best 1:18 scale tanks released, getting an A- from our review staff. How does JSI's version stack up? Read More »

M3A2 Bradley Cavalry Fighting Vehicle

Despite this line, and its companion 1:18 scale figures, only being available at Target stores, Unimax's Forces of Valor: Bravo Team has become a blessing for modern era 1:18 scale fans. Despite not having a lot of "action features" Unimax delivers extremely durable toys with an incredible amount of external details for the right price. The M3A2 Bradley is no exception. Read More »

Henschel & Son Tiger I Heavy Tank

The Tiger tank is one of the, if not the, most recognizable German tanks from World War II. The Tiger may also be one of the most coveted pieces of armor by 1:18 World War II collectors aside from the extremely hard to find Panzer IV. Read More »