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Men In Black figures are here!

What is one thing that many people would love to have in their 1:18th scale collection?  Suited figures.  They have plenty of applications yet are far and few between.  Well the Men In Black figures are here to save the day.  No more $30 SDCC Destro bodies (although it is a nice pin stripe suit).  For $10 you can finally have that suit to add to the ranks. Thanks to Gungho-joe we have a few images of what these figures look like.  They are a little wide in the shoulders but that’s not a deal breaker for myself.  Here is some information from Gungho-joe about them: “I found them at TRU. They were 9.99 each. They also have deluxe figs with the noisy cricket and nueralizer. I got my boys the deluxe figs since they wanted the life size “props” ... Read More »

Toys R Us Sightings! 08.20.09

So I went by the local ToysRus today to see if they had the new Unimax "Assault Force" 1:18 scale LAV-25, but they did not. They did, however, have the new G.I. Joe "Rise of Cobra" Senior Ranking Officers 3-packs in stock. Read More »