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    The Gotham Collection

    Epic Gotham!
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    EpicToyBox's October Banner Submission

    Adjusted for banner tags. A Grave Discovery...
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    EpicToyBox October Banner Submission

    A Grave Discovery...
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    AngelForge updates

    Just wanted to give a shout out to the folks at Angel Forge! This Joker head was listed as out of stock so I emailed to see when or if it they were going to restock. I got a reply within 12 hours, and the piece was in my hand a week later. Great customer service, guys! Thank you Angel Forge.
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    AngelForge updates

    Meddatron, that Slimer looks great. Nice paint job.
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    EpicToyBox's September Banner Entry

    Been wanting to enter a banner since I joined, but never got around to it. This theme lined up nicely with shots I had from my dio-comic.
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    Epic Toy Box Saga

    Joes are tracking down a terrorist cell in Yemen when things go awry, and nothing is quite what it seems.