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    Mandalorian Pin-up Girl

    So hot!
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    Budo armor repaint.

    Remarkable work. Damn, if only I had good eyesight and/or patience.
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    More D&D Customs

    A-MA-ZING!! I particularly loved what you did for the Orc, that is so wicked!
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    Hocky Tape & Lego Sail Loadouts

    Nice! We use the same technique. Except, I use varying plies of masking tape because you know, I'm piss-poor and beggars can't be choosers. Thanks for posting this. I'll make sure to point people your way when I get asked how I made my vests. Here's some of what I made in the past:
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    Scruffyronin Photography

    Hi everyone, here's a few of my previous diorama and photography work. Hope you like them.