Fem-Viper v.2


Junk Master Flash
Sep 1, 2013
ROcky Mount, NC
So a while back I made my first Fem-Viper, and shortly afterwards I scored a custom sculpt body and female viper heads. Thus I created this beauty. It took me forever to get this custom finished due to a combination of procrastination and having to sculpt up the lower torso to fill the gap between the two halves(torso stem was too long). Anywho, I hope you guys dig it, and as always commentary and crits are accepted!

Head: Cast (Not sure whose, I got it from Freeman on fb)
Torso: Custom sculpt and cast(Same as above)
Arms: Ret. Lady Jaye
Upper legs: 25th Viper
Lower legs: Ret. Lady Jaye

BP: POC Hawk
Rifle: POC Steel Brigade..I think

The Femme Fatales together!